• Cavli Wireless launches Cavli C17QS Cat 1bis cellular IoT module.
  • Offers low power Cat 1bis technology with integrated SDK for efficient development.
  • Supports global connectivity, GNSS tracking, and various power saving modes.
  • Ideal for diverse IoT applications in agriculture, healthcare, and smart homes.

Cavli Wireless, a leading innovator in cellular IoT solutions, has introduced the Cavli C17QS Cat 1bis cellular IoT module. This powerful module is designed to simplify and streamline the development process for a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Combining Performance and Efficiency

The C17QS leverages advanced Low Power Cat 1bis technology, offering a perfect balance between performance and power consumption. This makes it ideal for battery-powered and remote deployments where minimizing energy usage is critical.

Integrated SDK for Streamlined Development

A key feature of the C17QS is the integrated Software Development Kit (SDK). This comprehensive toolkit provides developers with all the necessary tools and resources to quickly build and scale their IoT solutions. With features like pre-written code libraries and sample applications, the SDK significantly reduces development time and effort.

Seamless Global Connectivity and Accurate Tracking

The C17QS is equipped to support a wide range of LTE bands, ensuring seamless global connectivity for your IoT devices. Additionally, the module integrates a highly capable GNSS chipset, enabling multi-band GNSS tracking for precise location data. This makes the C17QS ideal for applications requiring real-time asset tracking or remote monitoring.

Versatility Across Industries

The C17QS is a versatile solution suitable for various IoT applications across diverse sectors.

  • Agriculture: Remotely monitor and manage farming operations, optimizing efficiency and productivity.
  • Healthcare: Facilitate real-time patient monitoring and advanced telemedicine solutions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes.
  • Retail: Enhance customer experiences with robust connectivity for inventory management and smart shelves.
  • Smart Homes: Integrate seamlessly into home automation systems, security devices, and energy management solutions.

Power Management and Environmental Resilience

The C17QS boasts multiple power-saving modes, extending the operational lifespan of battery-powered devices. Additionally, the module is designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, making it suitable for remote and challenging deployments.

A Leap Forward in Connectivity Solutions

John Mathew, CEO & Chief Technology Architect of Cavli Wireless, highlights the significance of the C17QS: “This module represents a significant advancement in our portfolio. By integrating LTE Cat 1bis technology with an SDK and Hubble platform support, we offer a product that effectively competes with our own LPWAN modules, catering to the evolving demands of various IoT applications.”

The Cavli C17QS stands out as a powerful and versatile cellular IoT module. Its combination of low-power Cat 1bis technology, integrated SDK, global connectivity, GNSS tracking, and efficient power management makes it a compelling choice for developers and businesses looking to build and deploy future-proof IoT solutions.

Source: Global Newswire

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