• BOOM Esports from Indonesia claims victory at the PMSL SEA Spring 2024.
  • The Grand Finals weekend attracted crowds of fans at Tropicana Gardens Mall.
  • Sixteen top teams competed for the championship title and a USD 200,000 prize pool.
  • Malaysian team Yoodo Alliance showcased impressive gameplay, finishing in 4th place.

BOOM Esports from Indonesia emerges victorious at the PMSL SEA Spring 2024, showcasing outstanding gameplay during the Grand Finals held over the weekend.

Dominant Performance Secures Championship

Team BOOM Esports demonstrates exceptional skill and strategy, claiming the championship title at the PMSL SEA Spring 2024. The three-day Grand Finals witnessed intense competition, with BOOM Esports emerging as the undisputed champions.

Exciting Gameplay Draws Crowds

The Grand Finals weekend at Tropicana Gardens Mall attracted throngs of enthusiastic fans eager to witness thrilling matches and impressive plays. Supporters from neighbouring countries also flocked to the event, adding to the excitement and energy.

Top Teams Battle for Victory

Sixteen elite teams competed fiercely for the championship, vying for the coveted trophy and a USD 200,000 prize pool. BOOM Esports demonstrated consistency and skill, securing top placements throughout the weekend and ultimately clinching the championship title.

Malaysian Teams Show Strength

Despite tough competition, Malaysian representatives Yoodo Alliance, Geek Fam, and SEM9 showcased their talent and determination. Yoodo Alliance, in particular, impressed with three ‘Chicken Dinners’ on the first day, finishing the tournament in 4th place.

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