• ASUS announces ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro and BT10, premium WiFi 7 mesh routers.
  • These routers offer blazing-fast speeds (up to 30 Gbps for BQ16 Pro), wide coverage (up to 8,000 sq ft), and AI-powered mesh technology for optimal performance.
  • The routers boast features like dual 10 Gbps Ethernet ports, multiple WAN designs, and robust security.
  • ZenWiFi caters to smart homes with features like Smart Home Master for easy IoT device setup, parental controls, and VPN connections.

ASUS has announced the ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro and ZenWiFi BT10, high-end WiFi 7 mesh router systems designed to deliver exceptional performance and coverage for modern homes. These routers leverage the latest WiFi 7 technology to provide blazing-fast speeds, reaching up to 30 Gbps for the ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro.

Ultra-Fast Speeds and Extensive Coverage

Both ZenWiFi models boast support for 6 GHz WiFi, a key feature of WiFi 7 that enables significantly faster speeds compared to previous generations. Additionally, the ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro takes advantage of dual 6 GHz bands for a dedicated wireless backhaul, further enhancing performance.

The routers comes with ASUS’s Smart AiMesh technology, which utilizes AI to optimize network performance. This technology ensures a stable and seamless connection throughout your home, with coverage reaching up to 8,000 square feet for a 2-pack set of the ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro.

Future-Proof Features and Wired Connectivity

The ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro and BT10 are equipped with dual 10 Gbps Ethernet ports, making them future-proof for upcoming high-speed internet connections. These ports also enable a robust 10 Gbps wired backhaul for a reliable and scalable mesh network.

For users who prefer a wired backhaul setup, the ZenWiFi BT10 offers a dedicated wired backhaul option. Both models also feature multiple WAN designs, including a USB 3.0 WAN port, for versatile connectivity options.

Enhanced Security and Smart Home Management

ASUS equips the ZenWiFi routers with AiProtection Pro, a comprehensive security suite that safeguards your smart home network. This suite includes features like automatic security updates, traffic monitoring, and parental controls that allow you to manage your children’s internet access.

The ZenWiFi routers also come with the innovative Smart Home Master tool. This tool simplifies the setup and management of various smart home devices. It allows you to create dedicated networks for different device types, such as a separate network for your IoT devices and another for your children’s devices.

ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro and BT10

The ASUS ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro and BT10 mesh routers are powerful solutions for users who demand top-tier WiFi performance and extensive coverage for their homes. With features like WiFi 7 support, AI-powered mesh technology, future-proof wired connectivity, and robust security, these routers are well-suited for modern smart homes with a growing number of connected devices.

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