• Airbot offers discounts on home appliances for Father’s Day.
  • Sale includes robotic vacuums, hair dryers, and more.
  • Discounts available on Airbot’s website, Lazada store, and Shopee store.
  • Sale runs from June 6th with highlights listed in the article.

Airbot, a leading brand known for its high-quality and affordable home appliances, is making Father’s Day gifting a breeze this year. To celebrate dads who wear many hats, Airbot is offering irresistible discounts on a wide range of their products during the upcoming 6.6 Double Date shopping festival.

The Perfect Gift for the Tech-Savvy Dad

From June 6th onwards, dads can enjoy significant savings on Airbot’s top-rated appliances, including robotic vacuums and hair dryers, on the Airbot Malaysia official website, Lazada store, and Shopee store. This sale presents a fantastic opportunity to show Dad how much you appreciate all he does by giving him the gift of convenience and a helping hand around the house.

Spotlight Stealing Deals:

Airbot’s 6.6 Double Date promotion boasts impressive price cuts across their product range. Here are some highlights to get you started:

  • Airbot Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra: This high-tech vacuum cleaner receives a massive discount, dropping from RM5,199 (RRP) to RM2,199 (promo price), making it an exceptional value for tech-savvy dads who appreciate a clean home.
  • Airbot Hypersonics Pro and Max: Dads who prioritize powerful cleaning performance can snag the Airbot Hypersonics Pro at RM399 (promo price) or the Max model at RM799 (promo price). These vacuums offer exceptional cleaning capabilities at unbelievable prices.
  • Airbot iClean Omni X: This all-in-one cleaning solution sees a discount from RM6,999 (RRP) to RM1,499 (promo price), making it an attractive option for dads seeking a comprehensive cleaning robot.
  • Airbot Aria Hair Dryers: For dads who take pride in their appearance, Airbot offers savings on their Aria hair dryer range. The Aria HyperStyler goes from RM1,999 (RRP) to RM799 (promo price), while the Aria Lite sees a discount to RM199 (promo price).
PRODUCTPromotional PriceSuper Sale Price
Airbot Supersonic Aura
(RRP: RM 699)
RM339Promo Price: RM 309
Airbot Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra
(RRP: RM 5,199)
RM2,399Promo Price: RM 2,199
Airbot Hypersonics Pro
(RRP: RM 1,499)
RM499Promo Price: RM 399
Airbot Hypersonics Max
(RRP: RM 2,399)
RM899Promo Price: RM 799
Airbot iClean Max
(RRP: RM 3,599)
RM1,599Promo Price: RM 1,399
Airbot iClean Omni X
(RRP: RM 6,999)
RM1699Promo Price: RM 1,499
Airbot Aria HyperStyler
(RRP: RM1,999)
RM899Promo Price: RM799
Airbot Aria Lite
(RRP: RM 249)
RM 199Promo Price: RM 199

More Than Just Appliances, It’s About Appreciation

Today’s dads are actively involved in household chores, and Airbot recognizes their contributions. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation by gifting Dad a high-quality home appliance from Airbot. With significant savings on offer, you can give him a gift that not only lightens his load but also makes his daily routine more convenient and enjoyable.

Looking for More?

For a complete list of Airbot’s Father’s Day promotions and to discover their full range of innovative home appliances, visit the Airbot Malaysia website at

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