The Aeroactive Cooler 7 is the companion cooler for the recently released ROG Phone 7. Essentially, it’s a beefed-up version of the Aeroactive Cooler 6, promising two things: improved cooling and, surprisingly, a built-in subwoofer. So, the question we’re asking is: is the improved cooling cool enough? And is the built-in subwoofer deep enough?

Aeroactive cooler 7

Improved cooling

Similar to the Aeroactive Cooler 6, the Aeroactive Cooler 7 is a dedicated attachment that adds a thermoelectric cooler for the ROG Phone. However, the cooling segment introduces some new features. Firstly, it boasts more fan blades, resulting in increased airflow into the chamber. Visibly larger than its predecessor, the Aeroactive Cooler 7 suggests an increased surface area for the cooling blocks. From the side, a denser array of cooling fins is visible, which should improve the transfer of heat from the phone’s rear surface as well as the Peltier element inside.

One notable new feature of the Aeroactive Cooler 7 is the DualCool design, which adds a wind channel to direct air towards the phone’s display. This not only provides a comfortable experience for the user, with wind blowing towards their thumb, but also effectively cools down the front of the device at the same time. This feature is very welcome, especially since the phone display can heat up quite substantially during intense use.

With all these upgrades, we anticipate that the Aeroactive Cooler 7 will easily outperform its predecessor. As the ROG Phone 7 also supports the Aeroactive Cooler 6, we will conduct a side-by-side comparison to determine just how much cooler it is compared to the 6.

Audio Improvement

We have seen modular audio components before, such as the Moto Z Mods SoundBoost by JBL, which showcased how a smartphone can become the center of a party. However, ROG took a different approach with the Aeroactive Cooler 7. Instead of replacing the existing stereo speaker system on the phone with a full-range speaker, it is equipped with a 13 x 38 mm subwoofer.

The subwoofer is designed to work in harmony with the phone’s stereo system, offering a superior 2.1 speaker setup. ROG has chosen to collaborate with Dirac, the same audio engineering company that optimized the stereo speakers on the ROG phones. Now, the subwoofer works seamlessly in a 2.1 system, optimized by Dirac Virtuo.

Aeroactive cooler 7

As it is a 2.1 system, we can expect improvements not only in overall audio quality but also in the way the sound differs from the phone’s stereo system when they work together. To hear what they sound like, check out the benchmark segment where we have recorded some audio signals.

Thermal performance

PhoneROG Phone 7
Room Temperature30 °C
Control System temperature start point33°C
Bypass ChargingOn
Screen refresh rate165Hz
Benchmark Software3D Mark, Wild Life Unlimited

Profiles difference

Performance ModeX ModeX Mode +X Mode +X Mode +X Mode +X Mode +
AeroActive Cooler 7NoYesYesYesYesYes
Cooling ProfileNoDisableSmart ModeCoolFrostyFrozen
3D Mark, Wild Life Unlimited Score371237133721372237243720
Average Frame Rate7~289~2910~2910~2812~2911~29
Temperature33 ~ 34°C32 ~ 33°C33 ~ 34°C33 ~ 33°C32 ~ 33°C32 ~ 29°C

Aeroactive Cooler 7 vs AeroActive Cooler 6

Cooling ProfileSmart ModeCool
 3D Mark, Wild Life UnlimitedAverage Frame RateTemperature3D Mark, Wild Life UnlimitedAverage Frame RateTemperature
AeroActive Cooler 63728  11~28 fps  33 ~ 34 °C3724  11~28 fps  33 ~ 34 °C
AeroActive Cooler 73722  10~28 fps  33 ~ 33 °C3724

12~29 fps32 ~ 33 °C
Aeroactive cooler 7

Based on the data we have collected, it is evident that at full capacity, the temperature can drop up to 5°C. While this may not seem like a significant decrease, it is important to note that the ROG Phone 7 itself has improved cooling, even before adding on the cooler, running only slightly warmer at around 34°C, while the cooler takes off around 1~3°C.

Aeroactive cooler 7

Considering the modest temperature reduction of 1-3°C on average, one might question the value of investing in the AeroActive Cooler 7. However, the cooler offers more than just a decrease in system temperature. It also provides airflow towards the user’s thumb near the display and their palm, resulting in dry, chilly hands that enhance the overall gaming experience. This alone, in my opinion, makes the AeroActive Cooler 7 worthwhile.

Sound Performance

Without AeroActive Cooler 7

With AeroActive Cooler 7

Recommend to listen to with headphones.

The ROG Phone 7 by itself already sounds amazing with its stereo speakers powered by Dirac Virtuo, but it sounds even more impressive when paired with the AeroActive Cooler 7. On its own, the phone delivers projected audio with a balanced sound signature towards the user. Its bass is on the lighter side of the spectrum, but it still establishes a balanced sound signature.

Aeroactive cooler 7

Things get interesting when paired with the AeroActive Cooler 7. You won’t be greeted by an impacting force of bass that slaps your face. Instead, the general sound profile undergoes an astounding change. The stereo speakers on the phone tune down their bass frequency, focusing purely on handling treble and mid-tune. The bass is redirected to the AeroActive Cooler 7, which features a downward-facing subwoofer at the back of the phone.

This setup provides the sound system of the ROG Phone 7 with a wider soundstage and better separation between frequencies. Personally, I find that the audio experience this duo offers is akin to a micro Hi-Fi system, providing just enough sound to pleasantly fill a small space and fulfill a person’s enjoyment.


While the AeroActive Cooler 7 primarily focuses on improving the user experience, it also offers some notable cooling updates. With its DualCool design and improved fan, it effectively generates chilled air for the user’s hand during intense use. Additionally, the built-in subwoofer harmoniously enhances the existing sound system, adding depth and richness.

Aeroactive cooler 7

Overall, the AeroActive Cooler 7 successfully enhances the capabilities of the ROG Phone 7, providing better cooling, immersive audio, and an improved gaming experience.

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