The Vivo X series has been pushing the envelope of mobile photography. Their camera has always been innovative, if not a one-of-a-kind device that offers an unbeatable combination of features and quality. The innovation genes on the Vivo X90 series remained the same; while the Pro version boasted an advanced 1 inch sensor main camera, the X90 are no slouch either. The Vivo X90 boasted a 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera, a 12MP 50mm Portrait Camera, and a 12MP Ultra-low-distortion Wide-Angle Camera— an all-in-one sleek package. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this impressive device and why it stands out from the competition.

Vivo X90 Camera Built

The Vivo X90’s camera is placed on the top left side of the phone. Instead of each sensor having its own lens cover, Vivo opted for a large cover to cover all lenses. I prefer this design because it is easier to clean; instead of dust getting stuck in small cracks here and there, now the cracks is far away from the sensors on the side. 

The camera protrusion is shallower than what we will commonly see nowadays. Normally, a flagship smartphone would protrude to accommodate the large sensor, but Vivo’s solution keeps the phone’s overall thinness and ergonomics. 

VCS True Color Main Camera

The VCS True Color Main Camera is the centrepiece of the Vivo X90 camera. It features a high-sensing, intelligent dual-camera system that can capture stunningly realistic colours and dynamic night scenes.

The camera is a 1/49″-inch VCS Sony IMX866 sensor with VCS True Color imaging technology. The Vivo’s proprietary VCS True Color Imaging technology allows the Vivo X90 to capture colour information that is closer to human sensory perception, creating images that are more lifelike.

It also came with Vivo’s exclusive Hybrid Image Stabilization technology, which combines OIS and EIS to take stable photos in low-light situations. With the Zero-Shutter-Lag technology made by Vivo, users can take pictures faster without missing a moment.

Vivo X90 image sample

The lenses used here are coated with ZEISS T Coating, which is used in high-end photography lenses and professional binoculars. The coating is well known for minimising ghosting and lens flares in images. In so many cases, this coating made the difference between a good and bad image.

Vivo X90 image sample

The golden combination of an IMX sensor with a Zeiss lens excelled at enhancing the Vivo X90’s dynamic range, allowing VIVO to feature a Super HDR mode that can take pictures even in low-light environments.

50mm Portrait Camera

The 50mm zoom range is my personal favorite, with enough space to focus on a subject while also including the surrounding environment.I was delighted that the Vivo X90 camera also comes with a 50mm portrait lens and is powered by the Sony IMX663, a sensor used in flagship smartphones capable of capturing detailed photos with a beautiful depth of field.

This camera’s 50mm focal length is ideal for street photography and wider portrait shots. While this sensor comes with an f2.0 aperture where the user can caption some shallower depth of field images when used up close, due to the limitation of the smart phone sensor size, Vivo included filters to simulate bokeh on some of Zeiss’s most popular camera lenses (available on the main sensor and the 50mm sensor).

Ultra-low-distortion Wide-Angle Camera

Vivo refitted the third sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens using the same 12mp IMX663 sensor model as the portrait lens. At a 108-degree field of view, it is surprising that the distortion is kept to a minimum. While Vivo did not explain what technology was used to create such low distortion, it is likely a combination of distortion correction lenses and image processing technology.

Vivo X90 camera Conclusion

In conclusion, the Vivo X90 camera is a powerful, feature-packed device that can capture stunning photos. Its True Color Main Camera, 50mm portrait Camera, and Ultra-low-distortion wide-angle camera make it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality camera. It excel in being an all in one smartphone for street photography with its innovative features, superior imaging technology, and beautiful design.

The feature image is inspired by GxAce, i’m a big fan of him and has been pursuing to be able to produce content as high quality as him.

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Vivo X90


Vivo X90 excel in being an all in one smartphone for street photography with its innovative features, superior imaging technology, and beautiful design.

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