vivo, an innovative technology company that focuses on delivering exceptional products rooted in a design-centric philosophy, has partnered with the Malaysia Tourism Board to introduce their latest addition to the Y series, the Y36 5G Semporna Green. This collaboration aims to promote the harmony between technology and nature, combining the allure of vivo’s innovation with the breath taking beauty of Malaysia through visually stunning TV commercials (TVC). 

“We are thrilled to join hands with the Malaysia Tourism Board to create a unique experience that celebrates the harmony between the mesmerising Semporna Green of Y36 5G and Malaysia’s enchanting natural beauty,” said Mr. Mike Xu, spokesperson for vivo Malaysia.

vivo aims to inspire a new wave of smartphone enthusiasts by immersing them in the enchanting Semporna Green experience, connecting them with nature and embracing their cutting-edge devices.

“By showcasing the crystal-clear waters, playful creatures, and vibrant culture of Malaysia, we hope to inspire travellers to embark on a remarkable journey and create unforgettable moments with Y36 5G,” says Malaysia Tourism Board Official Representative.

A Ground breaking Collaborative Journey: Capturing Semporna’s Beauty

Through this partnership, vivo and Malaysia Tourism Board embarked on an extraordinary journey to produce a visually stunning TVC film. The collaboration brought together a team of talented filmmakers, photographers, and local experts to capture the appealing natural beauty and local custom of Semporna, as well as show its concord with the Semporna Green of vivo Y36 5G.

By inviting Malaysians to experience the untouched splendour of Semporna, this collaboration resulted in an abundance of captivating content using the vivo Y36 5G. Immersed in Semporna’s pristine natural and cultural environment, users documented memorable moments—from the shimmering sea to the local life style. Inspired by Semporna’s beauty, users skilfully transformed their experiences into stylish photos and videos, showcasing the magnificent allure of both Semporna and the Y36 5G Semporna Green colour.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to showcase the remarkable beauty of Semporna harmonised with Y36 5G and attract a larger audience to experience their wonders. By featuring the adventures of Malaysians with Y36 5G and their encounters with the breath taking landscapes, the island’s wildlife, and cultural traditions, vivo and the Malaysia Tourism Board want to ignite a sense of curiosity and adventure in viewers, enticing them to embark on their journey to Semporna and the experience the Semporna Green Y36 5G.

Y36 5G Semporna Green’s Stunning Design & Function

The green of Y36 series is clear and transparent, shimmering with brilliance, and full of vitality. It reflects the captivating hues of nature and just harmoniously blends with the green existing in the magnificent natural landscapes of Semporna, echoing each other.

When people embark on their journey to Semporna with the vivo Y36 5G in hand, they will find that its Semporna Green exterior perfectly complements the crystal-clear, emerald waters and the vivid blue skies of the island. The harmonious interplay between the Y36 5G’s enchanting colour and the pristine natural surroundings creates a captivating visual spectacle, further enhancing the overall experience of exploring this picturesque destination.

Beyond its stunning appearance, the Y36 5G excels in performance with its Ultra HD Imaging System with Atmospheric Portrait, allowing users to capture breath taking photos with remarkable clarity and depth. With a generous 256 GB of storage, a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery, and the convenience of 44W Flash Charge, the Y36 5G is a perfect companion for travellers, ensuring they never miss a moment during their adventures.

Y36 5G – The Perfect Travel Companion

The Y36 5G smartphone embodies the spirit of wanderlust and adventure, making it an ideal companion for travel enthusiasts. Its sleek design, combined with its powerful features, offers a seamless and immersive travel experience.

The Y36 5G Semporna Green is a stylish companion for young travellers, resonating with their fashion-forward sensibilities. Inspired by the destination’s natural beauty, its captivating colour adds elegance and sophistication to their adventures. With its visually appealing exterior, the Y36 5G Semporna Green captures attention and reflects the vibrant spirit of young explorers, making it the perfect travel companion.

The Y36 5G enhances every aspect of the travel journey. With its Ultra HD Imaging System, Malaysians can capture panoramic landscapes, thrilling activities, and atmospheric portraits. Its smooth operating system and extensive storage capacity allow for timely capture and storage of precious memories. Plus, the long-lasting battery life provides the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of power.

More than just a device, the Y36 5G embodies a mindset of aesthetics, creativity, and a passion for discovery. With its alignment to their ideals and attitudes, it empowers young travellers to start on transformative journeys, create lasting memories with vivo Y36 5G as the perfect travel companion, and embrace the world with a sense of adventure and wonder.

Advance Notice

vivo’s highly anticipated Y36 series smartphone has made its 5G version available from 13 June 2023 in Malaysia followed by a stunning video that will come soon.

By merging cutting-edge technology with the allure of Malaysia’s scenic wonders, this partnership invites travellers to explore and capture the magic of Semporna with the Y36 5G smartphone. As we continue to innovate and bring delightful products and experiences, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Discover the vibrant and crystal green landscapes of Malaysia through the lens of vivo Y36 5G and embark on unforgettable adventures.

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