Global fashion giant UNIQLO, in partnership with Early Autism Project Malaysia (EAP), is championing inclusivity by launching a special UTme! Collection featuring designs crafted by children with autism. Aligned with the theme “Be Kind,” these unique creations offer a fresh perspective, highlighting the artistic talents and interpretations of young individuals with autism.

In commemoration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in December, UNIQLO has collaborated with EAP, an educational center dedicated to autism rehabilitation, to raise awareness about the artistic skills of Malaysian children with autism. The UTme! and EAP Collection, comprising seven distinctive designs, is exclusively available starting today at UNIQLO stores in DA Square, Fahrenheit88, and Sunway Pyramid.

The Hope Project.

The collaboration between UNIQLO and EAP, facilitated through the UTme! service, has funded these new designs, contributing to EAP’s The Hope Project. This initiative aims to promote awareness, inclusivity, and national standards in the field of autism. UNIQLO’s commitment reflects a dedication to empowering individuals with autism, fostering increased awareness, and ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment accessibility.

Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia, commended UNIQLO’s efforts, stating, “Social acceptance remains one of the key factors in cultivating an inclusive and safe environment for autistic individuals within the Malaysian community.”

Evelyn Tan, Legal, Sustainability, and Corporate PR Director of UNIQLO Malaysia, expressed, “UTme! showcases artwork created by children with autism, providing them a platform to express their creativity and raise awareness about Malaysia’s autistic community through the UTme! service.”

Jochebed Isaacs, Director of Early Autism Project Malaysia, praised UNIQLO’s support, stating, “We truly commend UNIQLO’s efforts in supporting inclusion, diversity, and ultimately standing as a beacon of hope for individuals with autism and their families.”

Shop make over

In addition to this collaboration, UNIQLO is enhancing its DA Square store to create a more accessible environment, offering universal fitting rooms, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. The brand is also introducing exclusive quiet shopping hours on Thursday mornings throughout December, featuring no in-store music and staff available to assist shoppers with disabilities.

Self improvement and training

Furthermore, UNIQLO is organizing a workshop to equip employees with awareness and knowledge to support colleagues with disabilities. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive mindset among all employees, creating an accepting workplace environment, and extending these values to serve its diverse customer base.

Currently, UNIQLO employs 30 staff with disabilities across its Malaysian stores. For more information about UNIQLO and its sustainability initiatives, visit

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