Ulike, a leading K-beauty brand, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask, offering consumers an opportunity to achieve perfect skin in just 10 minutes daily. With a decade-long focus on optical skin beauty, the ReGlow LED Face Mask was jointly developed by the Ulike R&D team, led by Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, a pioneer in modern LED light therapy. The beauty device aims to revolutionize at-home aesthetic treatments, providing users with unparalleled convenience and clinically proven results. This product launch marks a significant milestone for Ulike in Malaysia, following the announcement of its first physical outlet in Kuala Lumpur, set to open by the end of Q1 2024.

Mr. KM Leong, General Manager of Southeast Asia for the Ulike South Korea Group, highlighted the company’s commitment to elevating skincare routines, stating, “The ReGlow LED Face Mask aims to enhance this timeless ritual, offering a comprehensive solution for glowing skin at home. Developed with Exclusive Mirror Enhanced Light Intensification Technology™, it solves the century-old problem of insufficient skin absorption.”

Achieve Glowing Skin at Home

The Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask addresses various skin concerns, including anti-aging, acne reduction, brightening, and skin healing. Described as a “gym for glowing facial complexion,” each 10-minute treatment improves skin firmness, reduces fine lines, prevents breakouts, and restores a youthful glow from the comfort of home. The non-invasive facial treatment promises results without needles or recurring external treatment costs.

With four versatile application modes – Anti-acne, brightening, firming, and rejuvenation – the Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask sets itself apart. Each mode combines specific wavelengths of light for a tailored skincare approach. For example, the anti-acne mode ingeniously combines the 415nm blue light with the 630nm red light for comprehensive skincare.

Visible Improvements in 14 Days

Users can expect remarkable results within 14 days of incorporating the Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask into their daily skincare routine. Rigorous tests indicate a 12.9% increase in skin radiance, a 39.44% reduction in under-eye wrinkles, a 7.89% decrease in redness, and a substantial 17.58% reduction in acne. These results affirm the product’s efficacy and commitment to delivering visible improvements quickly.

Clinically Preferred Peak Intensity

Ulike ReGlow delivers an intensity of up to 100 mW/cm2, ensuring users experience the clinically preferred peak intensity for effective skincare outcomes. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the face mask features Exclusive Mirror Enhanced Light Intensification Technology™, resulting in a faster 62.8% increase in results compared to its predecessors.

Early Bird Sales Promotion

Ulike offers an early bird promotion for the ReGlow LED Face Mask, available on Ulike’s SHOPEE page. Priced at RM 2,199 (RRP: RM 2,399), early bird buyers receive an exclusive free gift set worth RM 1,199, including two units of the Ulike Beauty Moisturizing Facial Mask and a unit of the Water Skin Freeze-drying Ampoule Essence. The promotion runs until February 4 or while stocks last, with a one-year warranty and a 24-month zero-interest installment plan.

Ulike is also hosting a giveaway promotion for early bird buyers, encouraging them to follow Ulike on Instagram, reshare the post, and comment with their order numbers and “I want ULIKE” to win attractive prizes such as the Ulike Hair Removal Device Air+, Ulike Skim Import Device, or the Ulike Beauty Mask and Facial Essence.

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