DDR5 is still pretty new, but it hasn’t stopped TEAMGROUP’s efforts to aspire towards ever faster DDR5 memory kits. As the industry moves towards DDR5-6400 and higher, TEAMGROUP worked with Reneas to implement a new client clock driver (CKD). The CKD is supposed to strengthen, buffer and steadily output high-frequency signals from the CPU to the DRAM, and will help to ensure the stability of the first DDR5-6400 kits, in accordance with JEDEC specifications.

Previous DDR5 kits that were pushing beyond DDR5-4800 were usually overclocked instead of following JEDEC’s specs. While this is of little consequence to most users, it can result in incompatibility with certain platforms. Getting kits like the TEAMGROUP ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 Standard Memory that follow JEDEC’s specifications are a surefire way to ensure stability with optimum compatibility.


TEAMGROUP is expecting to deploy the CKD solution to their other lineups, including their gaming-oriented T-FORCE and creator T-CREATE series. They are expecting frequencies of DDR5-9000 and higher to enable ever better performance for gamers and creators. A quick Google search reveals that Montage Technology also developed their own CKD solution, so we will probably see more RAM manufacturers unveil DDR5-6400 or faster kits featuring CKD technology. Will enthusiasts then have to not only bin for DRAM chips but also CKDs? Time will tell…

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