The MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 In-Ear Earphone is an entry-level audio device with impressive quality. It delivers decent bass, exceptional midrange, and controlled treble, all within a tight audio stage. When partnered with a DAC, the QUARKS elevate further in quality. Its lightweight design ensures comfort and sound isolation. It's cost-effective, making it a perfect start for personal audio equipment exploration.

  • Ultra affordable
  • Scalable audio quality
  • Natural sounding mids
  • Hey is that a hint of sub-bass I'm hearing
  • Limited sound stage

Phenomenal entry range earphones


Wanting to start your journey in personal audio equipment but don’t know where to start? Check out the MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 In-Ear Earphone, an entry-level range earphone that surprised me first time listening to it.

MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 Audio Quality: Unexpected


With a single 6mm external magnetic, it handled bass handsomely with good punch potential. The hum of sub-bass radiating is visible while not strong, yet it will reach listener clearly, hovering below other frequency.


Midrange is among the most impressive among all 3 frequncies. It is precision and natural sounding, also highlighting vocal and bringing it forward to the center stage.


Its treble is well control with good attack that is not overly sharp. It is remarkable on how well it expended at the right level and kept within range.

Sound stage

The Quarks however offer a tight audio sound stage experience, some time feeling the stage is busy with instrument but eager to present everything.

+ 2 audio quality with DAC/A

When paired with a DAC, the QUARKS is levitated to different level immediately. We paired it with the MOONDROP CLICK USB DAC/AMP, now the stage is widen with more room for motion.


Its bass become more powerful, midrange is projected with more space for vocal present, and the treble with more details.

MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 Design & Comfortability: Shining bright like a diamond

The QUARKS comes in a simple piston desgin, the transparent casing with pettern of Quarks the element printed on it.


It is small, simple, and light. Weight almost nothing it is very confortable to wear and gave good passive sound isolation.


MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 Conclusion: Rediculously priced for such quality


Costing just as low as RM36.50 on their official store, the MOONDROP QUARKS 夸克 sound great plus is scallable with it. is the perfect spot for you to start your audio journey with this scalable In-Ear Earphone.

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