The ROG Phone series is known to be the pinnacle of mobile performance, and it seems that they went with a MediaTek chip this year for a good reason. The ROG Phone 6D series debuted as the first MediaTek-powered ROG Phone, and are now at the very top of AnTuTu’s benchmark charts. If anything makes me excited to check it out, this is it!

Dimensity 9000+: faster CPU, slower GPU?

ROG Phone 6D Dimensity 9000+ Antutu rank

This probably comes as no surprise, considering how Qualcomm has led the mobile GPU space for quite a long time. Second only to Apple, the Adreno 730 in the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 still whoops the Dimensity 9000+’s Mali G710 MC10 by a comfortable margin. The OnePlus Ace Pro, which is in second place overall, scored a good 11.7% higher than the ROG Phone 6D when it comes to their GPU scores. Oddly enough, we don’t see the Snapdragon-powered ROG Phone 6 in AnTuTu’s chart, which might have provided more of an apples-to-apples comparison.

ROG Phone 6D Series_3
Could the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate’s score be even higher?

The tables turn when it comes to the CPU and memory section though. Here, the ROG Phone 6D gets a 11.1% higher CPU score, along with a 5% higher memory score. The UX score is also a notable 11.9% higher, as compared to the OnePlus Ace Pro. UX scores are slightly less relevant when it comes to comparing chipsets, but it does mean that we are looking at an absolute performance beast. And we aren’t even talking about the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate yet…

MediaTek Dimensity 9000+

While we used to see MediaTek chipsets lead in terms of cost effectiveness, it seems that MediaTek has cracked the code to deliver the most powerful chipset in the Android space yet. I wonder if MediaTek will consider a partnership with AMD to accelerate their GPU development, since Samsung seems to be spinning their wheels when it comes to chip design.

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