Roborock Q7 Max+


For RM2,899, the Roborock Q7 Max+ offers the strongest vacuum suction power, making it suitable for most floor surfaces, and it also comes with a dock that helps reduce the need for manual maintenance. The mopping is also very effective. In short, the Roborock Q7 Max + is the best bang for buck robot out there in the market in my dictionary. Definitely recommended if you're in the market for a robot cleaner.

  • Surprisingly high suction power at 4200 Pa, perfect for Malaysia houses with more carpeted surfaces
  • Reasonable priced for a premium brand like Roborock with great features in tow
  • Pure Dock allows up to 7 weeks of dust collection which lengthens the intervals between manual maintenance
  • Large mopping range of about the size of 3 badminton courts, which also means about 1 refill for about 3 cleaning sessions for my 800 sq ft house.
  • Would have been nice to see at least VibraRise or Ultrasonic carpet detection available
  • 30 water levels seem a bit gimmicky to me

Point to point review, finish reading this in 5 minutes or less.

  • We are always busy, be it studying, traveling, cleaning, cooking, working, friends, and families. Something is going on in our lives.
  • To reclaim some of the time back, we begin to start automating stuff to take the burden off us.
  • In the cleaning department, I tried the Roborock Q7 Max+, a feature-packed cleaning robot that helps you reclaim some time, while not breaking the bank.

The Robot

  • What you want in a robot vacuum is strong vacuum suction power and good mopping mechanics.
  • The Roborock Q7 Max+ has all these, with more to offer still.
  • Aesthetically, this is a simple robot with minimal distractions. You get three buttons on the topside of the robot along with the protruding LiDAR sensor. Further towards the rear there’s a large flap for cleaning out the dust compartment.
  • Speaking of which, you won’t have to check the dust compartment at all, since the dock already comes with a dust emptying function.
    • The Roborock Q7 Max+ has a classy white color with glossy finishing. This finishing is not my favorite thing as it can get scratched from cleaning or even just wiping it with the wrong cloth. My advice is to wipe it only with microfiber cloths.

The Dock

  • The Pure Dock is simple in design, probably among the simplest you would see in any robot dock.
  • The dock serves two main functions: to charge the vacuum, and to suck out the dust from the robot. Yes, there’s some suckception going on here.
  • After the initial setup, the only thing that will need your attention is the dust bag at the top of the dock.
  • You can leave it for up to seven weeks, as the dust bag comes in at a whopping 2.5L.
  • During dust collection, the air exiting from the dust bag is filtered, ensuring that you have clean air around you. 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns will be retained within the dust bag.


Normal flooring (Wood/Tiles/Stone)

  • With up to 4200 Pa worth of suction power, the Roborock Q7 Max+ is more than capable of suck up any dust from most floor surfaces.
  • The all-rubber brush also helps to sweep up dust to feed it into the vacuum intake.
  • Roborock re-engineered the brush to be all-rubber, compared to older rubber + fabric designs, making it more effective in sweeping up dust to the vacuum intake, and face less issue with tangling hair.


  • The 4200 Pa suction really works wonders here, combined with the all-rubber brush, as it practically scoops up the dust from the carpet into the vacuum.
  • Also, the suction power will automatically be increased when it is on carpets, effectively picking up more dust.
  • The whole vacuum intake part is constantly pushed downward onto the surface, making it good to deeply vacuum carpets.
  • However Roborock’s signature ultrasonic carpet detection is missing from the Q7 Max, which is likely reserved for higher-end units. Hence the Q7 Max can still end up wetting the carpet when going over them.


  • The stand out feature here is the 300g Consistent Mop Pressure. This means that the Q7 Max is is pushing its mop down onto the surface.
  • Running it over my wooden floor, it is visible cleaner after the the Q7 Max makes a pass. The mop leaves a barely visible thin layer of water after each pass, which would easily be air dried in mere seconds.
  • With a tank capacity of 350mL, the Roborock Q7 Max can mop up to 240sqm. To put that into perspective, that’s the size of three badminton courts.
  • Roborock Q7 Max also features 30 water flow levels to handle different types of flooring, I just kept it in Deep Mode to ensure the best outcome. XD
  • Roborock’s signature VibraRise sonic vibration technology is also missing here, once again, the premium feature is likely reserved for higher end units.

Roborock Q7 Max+ — should you buy this?

  • Price: RM2,899.00
    • Who should buy it
      • House with a lot of carpeted surfaces
      • House with pets and children
    • Who shouldn’t buy
      • If you need an autowash feature for your mop, get the Roborock G10 instead

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