Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. took center stage at CES 2024, highlighting its commanding position as the preferred partner in the automotive industry. The spotlight was on the Snapdragon® Digital Chassis portfolio, showcasing its maturity and breakthrough innovations.

Industry Trust and Global Impact:

Qualcomm Technologies, a trusted automotive partner for over two decades, revealed its Snapdragon Digital Chassis’s extensive suite of products. This comprehensive portfolio caters to next-gen AI-enabled digital cockpits, connected car technologies, advanced driver assistance, and automated driving systems. Notably, more than 350 million vehicles on the road currently benefit from Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions.

Commitment to Innovation:

Nakul Duggal, SVP and General Manager, Automotive & Cloud Computing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., expressed the company’s commitment to advancing automotive technology. He emphasized Qualcomm’s role in shaping the future of software-defined vehicles, ushering in a new era for the automotive industry.

Expansive Portfolio:

Qualcomm Technologies boasts the broadest automotive technology portfolio, covering major vehicle domains. The company continues its growth, supporting innovation in the two-wheeler and micro-mobility segment. With revenue consistently growing by double digits year-over-year, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions gain increased adoption.

Key Technological Advancements:

  • Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform: Powering digital transformation, this platform facilitates safety and intelligence with LTE, 5G, V2X, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and precise positioning.
  • Snapdragon Cockpit Platform: Leading in advanced cockpit systems, Qualcomm’s platform enhances in-vehicle experiences with advanced graphics, multimedia, and AI capabilities.
  • AI in Automotive: Qualcomm embraces the era of AI, leveraging cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for the Snapdragon Digital Chassis Platform.
  • Snapdragon RideTM Platform: An advanced, scalable, and customizable automated driving system-on-chip (SoC) family, supporting global automakers and Tier-1 suppliers in building efficient AD solutions.
  • Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC: High-performance centralized computing SoC supporting mixed-criticality workloads for digital cockpits, ADAS, and AD functions.
  • Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud: Enabling connected services for ongoing revenue sources, reshaping business models and driver-vehicle interactions.
  • Co-Innovation in Software-Defined Mobility: Collaborations with leading automakers and AWS to expedite software development, introducing new features faster.
  • Snapdragon Digital Chassis for Two-wheelers and New Vehicle Classes: Advancing micro-mobility and new vehicle segments with integrated solutions for enhanced safety and experiences.

Innovative Collaborations:

Qualcomm Technologies’ collaborations with leading automakers and technology partners contribute innovative solutions, driving advancements in the broader automotive industry. A joint commitment with AWS demonstrates a cloud-native environment for automotive application development, revolutionizing the software-defined mobility landscape.

Digital Transformation Beyond Automotive:

Qualcomm Technologies expands the impact of Snapdragon Digital Chassis Platforms, extending into two-wheelers and new vehicle classes. These fully integrated solutions bring connectivity, infotainment, advanced rider assistance systems, and personalized digital services to diverse vehicles.

For more information on Qualcomm Automotive, visit the official website. Qualcomm showcased these groundbreaking technologies through live demonstrations at CES 2024.

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