PUBG MOBILE, the global mobile battle royale phenomenon, unveils a substantial update brimming with new content and enhancements. Available until July 9th, Version 3.2 introduces the exhilarating Mecha Fusion themed mode, alongside improvements to World of Wonder, Metro Royale, Home system, and Cycle 6 Season 18.

Embrace the Mecha Uprising

The centerpiece of Version 3.2 is the Mecha Fusion themed mode, available on Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps. Players can pilot three distinct mechs – Levitron, Strider, and Armamech – each boasting unique capabilities. The Levitron offers swift movement and a magnetic ability to grab and toss objects. The agile Strider can jump and unleash missiles, while the Armamech, a formidable four-seater mech, combines the strengths of both, wielding dual weapons and powerful skills.

Steel Ark: A Futuristic Battleground

Mecha Fusion introduces Steel Ark, a colossal futuristic transport ship appearing on each map alongside player aircrafts. This behemoth features a vast interior space with a multi-layered structure for strategic exploration. Players can find and assemble mechs at Steel Ark and Assembly Bases scattered across the maps.

Beyond Mechs: Diverse New Gear

Mecha Fusion boasts a suite of exciting new equipment, including the Jetpack for enhanced movement and hovering, the Personal AED for self-revival, the Magnet Gun as a firearm alternative, and the Respawn Beacon for reviving teammates.

World of Wonder Gets Mecha-nized

World of Wonder receives a mecha-themed revamp with new gameplay modes, Target Dummies, and Soccer Balls. Players can engage in thrilling mech battles, hide-and-seek within Steel Ark, and participate in a variety of game types, including Military Base Mecha GvG, Steel Ark Catch Me, Steel Ark Infinite Respawn Royale, and Mecha Mayhem.

Home System Improvements and Competition

The Home system receives a refresh with new Elegant Ancient Capital themed items and a streamlined blueprint building process. Players can showcase their creativity in the new Home Competition, with a chance to win exciting prizes.

Metro Royale Enhancements

Metro Royale benefits from gameplay experience improvements, new collectibles, and the introduction of the Strider enemy. Players can now open multiple inventory gift packs simultaneously, repair all items with a single tap, and unlock new Honor Rewards and Collectibles. Additionally, Metro Royale introduces Player and Companion EXP rewards and a new PvE enemy, the Strider.

Cycle 6 Season 18 and Upcoming Collaborations

Cycle 6 Season 18 arrives with a collection of new legendary items, including the C6S18 Glasses, Set, Mask, Cover, and DBS skin. PUBG MOBILE teases upcoming partnerships with a sports car manufacturer and an iconic anime series.

PUBG MOBILE’s Version 3.2 Update will be available until July 9th! Download the game and play for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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