Acer joins the league of graphics cards vendors with their first graphics card yet: Predator BiFrost. The Predator BiFrost will be based on the Intel Arc A770 GPU. The Taiwanese company doesn’t particularly have a presence in the graphics card market, so this is a pretty brave step forward for them, if not a bit late, due to the demand for GPUs being much softer than it was earlier this year.

Predator BiFrost combines two different fan designs

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti card
A rather unique blow-through design from NVIDIA.

Most cards to date either have top-down fans, or a blower. Acer decided to combine both for the Predator BiFrost, which is once again a very interesting choice. From what I can glean from the design, the top-down fan will probably blow through a heatsink connected to a main vapor chamber via four heatpipes, while the blower will cool the vapor chamber more directly.

It will be interesting to see if this design pays off. I am quite liking the unique design, although given that neither Acer nor Predator has many DIY components to speak of, I am not sure whether gamers will pick these over those from Intel’s other partners. After all, a lot of DIY PC enthusiasts are after a cohesive design, and I can’t think of much that can easily match with the unique look of the Predator BiFrost.

In any case, the Arc A770’s is only rated at 225W, which isn’t too challenging for modern cooling solutions. Speaking of which, Acer has yet to reveal whether this will be the 8GB or 16GB variant of the Arc A770, so we don’t know how much it will cost, yet. Let’s wait and see together!

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