Nu Skin Malaysia, a leading provider of integrated beauty and wellness products, rallies Malaysians to take a more active step towards a fitter lifestyle with health-centric products and initiatives. These brand-new unveilings come in line with the launch of their latest nationwide campaign – A Fitter Malaysia

Rooted firmly in the company’s core goals to provide simple and beneficial solutions that will support personal fitness journeys, A Fitter Malaysia aims to highlight the importance of having your mind and body work together in order to achieve true wellness.

With Nu Skin’s all-inclusive ageLOC® TR90® Program taking centre stage throughout the campaign, the company advocates for a distinctive and long-lasting approach to fitness management with their healthy eating plan, regular exercises, and Nu Skin’s innovative products.

“Now more than ever, consumers across the globe are realising that health is a non-negotiable priority and that the best way to ensure strong, long-lasting results is from the inside out,” says Hendrix Wong, Vice President, Market Operations of Nu Skin Malaysia & Brunei.

“Our mission has always been empowering people to improve their lives in more tangible ways with the right tools. With the ageLOC® TR90® Program, we are able to offer this with our highly innovative science for your mind and body, thus helping Malaysians stay motivated as they work towards their fitness goals.”

“Through this, and through the invaluable work of our Nu Skin family in seeing this campaign through, we are excited to do our part in working toward a truly happier, fitter Malaysia,” he says. 

Nu Skin Malaysia is also proud to introduce a new, nutrient-packed flavour offering for their ageLOC® TR90® protein shake, aptly named the ageLOC® TR90® GreenShake.

Specifically formulated for the health-conscious consumers of today, this new vegan-and-vegetarian-friendly shake mix is free of lactose, soy, wheat gluten, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, while still including all the premium plant-based proteins one needs to feel healthy and revitalised. 

The ageLOC® TR90® GreenShake is now available for purchase on the Nu Skin Malaysia website as well as at the Nu Skin Experience Centers in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Kick-start your fitness journey with the ageLOC® TR90® Program Contest

In conjunction with A Fitter Malaysia, Nu Skin Malaysia doubles down on ensuring one has the best tools to manage their health and diet with the ageLOC® TR90® Program Comment & Win Contest.

From now until the 15th of June 2023, participants can register for a free weight management consultation at the ageLOC® TR90® Program microsite, aimed to support Malaysians in starting a comprehensive journey toward achieving their fitness goals.

Upon successful registration in Category A, participants will be eligible to complete the steps in Category B to win additional Nu Skin prizes worth more than RM400.

Category AStep 1: Register for free weight management consultation available at ageLOC® TR90® Program Microsite before the contest period ends.  Prize: 2 packets of ageLOC® TR90® TrimShake
Category BStep 1: Like and follow Nu Skin Malaysia on both Facebook and Instagram  

Step 2: Answer a question related to the ageLOC® TR90® Program in the comment section; and  

Step 3: In the same comment, tell us how you plan to achieve your weight management goals this year.  
Prizes: 1 box of ageLOC® TR90® TrimShake (15 packets)

1 exclusive ageLOC® TR90® Blender Bottle  

To find out more and to register for your free weight management consultation, visit

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