Malaysia’s largest used car ecosystem, myTukar, is making their mark and launching its first ever 3D OOH (Out Of Home) billboard in the heart of the city’s busiest districts. Watch the 3D billboard in action here.

myTukar’s Head of Marketing Andrea Chuang says, “myTukar, powered by Carro, is a tech-focused company, and we push for innovation in all aspects of the business. myTukar’s comprehensive ecosystem, which includes buying and selling, financing, insurance, refurbishment and aftersales, hinge on technology, digital and data; naturally, we want our marketing efforts to leverage these same strengths to stand out. The 3D format is a great way to push boundaries and create a memorable visual experience for our customers and passersby alike. “

The 15-second ad starts off with a car entering a workshop, followed by its mechanical parts being revealed and thrust towards the street. The spot ends with the parts rearranged into a refurbished car and a message that myTukar’s thorough 160-point inspection will find and fix all faults, so customers can rest assured they will get a used car that is as good as new.

“Used cars are not something to be afraid of or sceptical about anymore, especially now that a trusted company like myTukar is transparent and rigorous with all inspections and refurbishments. This OOH spot was designed to drive home that message creatively and for us to once again be a gamechanger in the used car industry, as we break the fourth wall and blur the lines between experimental and informational,” says Carro’s Regional Head of Marketing, Katherine Teo.   

At myTukar, all cars go through a thorough 160-point inspection at their state of the art refurbishment centres at USJ, Selangor & Ulu Tiram, Johor, where all faults are fixed and repaired by a team of experts before they are deemed myTukar Certified. This stamp of assurance also comes with a 5-day money back guarantee, 12-month warranty on gearbox and engine and the promise of no mileage tampering and no major accidents, fire and flood damage. 

The ad was a collaboration between Carro and TBWA/Singapore. Also complementing the OOH placement are a series of tv, digital, social media and radio spots that continue to drive home the message that a myTukar Certified car that is As Good As New. 

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