This year, MSI’s will offer best deals for selected Components, gaming desktop and monitor. Hot deals for selected gaming monitor, purchase and get a MSI gaming chair, 1000R curved gaming monitor and Quantom dot flat gaming monitor. Then how about a good tactical set of gaming gears too to stay focused during this season – discounts on selected gaming peripherals.

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When you buy selected components, there’s definitely a chance for you to get a MSI Thermos Bottle and redeem free gaming keyboards and mouses, also get VIGOR GK30 Combo Keyboard Mouse when purchase custom Powered By MSI PC set with at least 3* MSI Components.

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Promotional Price

Gaming Monitor

ModelRedeem Gift and gift valueSRPPromo Price
MPG ARTYMIS 343CQRCH130X Gaming ChairRM3,999
Optix MPG321UR-QDCH130X Gaming ChairRM5,499
Optix MAG342CQR3 IN 1 Charging CableRM2,099RM1,738
Optix MAG321QR3 IN 1 Charging CableRM1,899RM1,638
Optix MAG301RF3 IN 1 Charging CableRM1,399RM1,099
Optix MAG281URF3 IN 1 Charging CableRM2,799RM2,499
Optix MAG274QRF-QD3 IN 1 Charging CableRM2,199RM1,999
Optix G32C4RM35 Steam WalletRM1,099RM938
Optix G273RM35 Steam WalletRM999RM869
G244FRM35 Steam WalletRM799RM749

Premium Desktop

ModelRedeem Gift and gift valueSRPPromo Price
MPG Trident AS 12TG-027MYRM50 Steam WalletRM8,299
MPG Trident AS 12TG-431MYRM50 Steam WalletRM8,299
MPG Trident AS 12TC-430MYRM50 Steam WalletRM6,399
MAG Infinite S3 12TG-426MYXRM6,999
MAG Infinite S3 12TG-472MYXRM5,499
MAG Infinite S3 12TC-427MYXRM4,999
MPG Trident A 11TC-2247MYXRM5,499RM4,299


ModelRedeem Gift and gift valueSRPPromo Price
IMMERSE GH50 479439

Professional Monitor

ModelRedeem Gift and gift valueSRPPromo Price
Summit MS321UPMSI double usage Neck Pillow47993599
Modern MD272QPWHand Drip Coffee Cup RM22916991499
Modern MD272PWHand Drip Coffee Cup RM22912991199
Modern MD271PHand Drip Coffee Cup RM2291089899
PRO MP271MSI Themos Bottle (Black /White)

PRO MP243WMSI Themos Bottle (Black /White)

PRO MP242MSI Themos Bottle (Black /White)


AIO Desktop

ModelRedeem Gift and gift valueSRPPromo Price
Modern AM272 12M-213MYTea Bottle RM15948994599
PRO AP272 12M-013MYTea Bottle RM15940993799
PRO AP272 12M-014MYTea Bottle RM15940993799
Modern AM242 11M-1271MYTea Bottle RM15930392899

The promotional period runs from 9th of January 2023 (00:01 local time) to 19th of February 2023 (23:59 – local time). After making a qualifying purchase, consumers must visit the promotion website to process the redemption.

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