MSI, a world leading motherboard brand in high-performance and innovative computing, announces its brand new AMD B650 Series motherboards. MSI is not only tailored for enthusiast gamers, but also offers possibilities for content creation and office use. MSI is fully dedicated to all types of PC users by satisfying their needs. This time, we carefully prepared a variety of advanced technologies and exclusive features to help our customers create the most immersive experiences and maximize every ounce of performance.

“With DDR5 memory boost and an enhanced thermal design, MSI B650 Series motherboards are built to fully support the performance and capabilities of AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors,” said David McAfee, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Client Channel Business Unit, AMD. “Designed specifically for gamers and content creators, MSI motherboards feature advanced technologies that take full advantage of the AM5 platform.”

Premium Thermal Solution

To fully support AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors’ advanced performance algorithms, MSI B650 motherboards inherited Extended Heatsink’s enlarged surface for heat dissipation and utilized 7W/mK thermal pads and choke pads for stable performance. M.2 Shield Frozr keeps M.2 SSDs running more stably and prevents immediate throttling during high-speed reading and writing. Double-sided M.2 Shield Frozr keeps both sides of M.2 from throttling, especially for high-capacity or high-speed storages.

Strong VRM Design with Core Boost

To release the performance of the new AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors, MSI B650 motherboards adopted up to 16+2+1 Duet Rail Power System and dual CPU power connectors. Core Boost technology has become an iconic MSI feature, not only supporting multi-core CPUs but also helping create the perfect conditions for CPU overclocking by optimizing the layout design and digital power design.

DDR5 Memory Boost

The new AMD AM5 platform is designed along with the DDR5 memory. With the benefits of doubled bandwidth and higher speed, DDR5 memory definitely speeds-up your system. With a dedicated SMT welding process and exclusive Memory Boost technology, MSI B650 motherboards can reach up to 6600MHz and are ready to deliver world class memory performance. MSI B650 motherboards support both AMD EXPO™ technology and A-XMP (Intel XMP) profiles, making it easier to choose compatible memory modules.

Plenty of Connectivity

To satisfy gamers’ need for transfer speed, 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E module and USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps) Type-C connector are ready for MSI B650 motherboards. RGB fanatics will have more options to make their brand-new PC shine brighter by supporting ARGB Gen2 devices. Flash BIOS Button is ready in the rear I/O for the future upgrade with ease.

Performance In Style – MPG Series

The MPG Series enjoys extraordinary upgrades for the new AM5 platform. There will be 2 choices of color schemes, carbon-black and silver-white, to satisfy different preferences. The MPG B650 CARBON WIFI and MPG B650 EDGE WIFI feature PCIe 5.0 x4 M.2 slot that utilizes AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors’ full performance. The MPG Series supports up to 4 M.2 slots and 6 SATA ports, storing everything for you without worries. The MPG B650I EDGE WIFI is a mini-ITX sized motherboard with silver-white appearance to perfectly match a white compact sized PC build.

MAG Series – Conquered The Battlefield

The MAG Series is the most popular and best choice for DIY beginners. The MAG Series is designed with simple lines and solid shapes to present aesthetics of tough armor. The MAG B650 TOMAHAWK WIFI and MAG B650M MORTAR WIFI are both equipped with robust 80A Smart Power Stage of VRM power, dual 8-pin CPU power connectors, 2 M.2 Shield Frozrs and Audio Boost 5 technology to provide more than just the basics to DIY newcomers.

PRO Series – Business Elegance

The PRO Series is the best for enterprise and office use. The neutral design matches office or studio in every possible way for a more unified look. The PRO B650-P WIFI and PRO B650M-A WIFI feature all MSI popular features, such as Steel Armor, Extended Heatsink, M.2 Shield Frozr and Flash BIOS Button. Both of them support 2 PCIe 4.0 slots and M.2 slots for expansion and mass storage.

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