It seems that HUAWEI phones have finally gained access to GMS via the app LightHouse. When we tested it with our HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro, the app worked just fine with most of the Google apps we tested (for a complete list of the apps we tested, check out this article).

Huawei Lighthouse Support Devices

But we then quickly realized that not all HUAWEI smart phones are supported, with only a very select few of HUAWEI devices such as the HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro being able to use LightHouse. Many of you also gave us feedback that unsupported devices can’t even install the app. But to our delight, LightHouse recently announced an update that extended its list of supported devices. The updated list are as follows, with around 15 devices added.

LightHouse Supported Devices (as of Jan 2023)

Huawei Mate SeriesHuawei Mate 50 Series (2022)
Huawei Max Xs 2 (2022)
Huawei P SeriesHuawei P50 Series (2021)
Huawei Nova SeriesNova 10 Series (2022)
Nova 9 Series (2022)
Nova 8i (2021)
Nova Y90 (2022)
Nova Y70 (2022)
Huawe Matepad SeriesMatepad Pro (2021)
Matepad Pro 11 (2022)
Matepad 10.4 (2020)
Matepad SE (2022)
Matepad T10 (2020)

It is good to see the LightHouse has extended its list of supported devices, and even some older devices from 2020 are in it. This will generally make the HUAWEI devices significantly more useful for most users, as Google apps are still required by almost everyone.

You can download LightHouse via this download link here.

Wait a minute, what’s LightHouse?


LightHouse is the latest solution available to run Google apps on HUAWEI devices. It is based on the microG Project to bring support for Google apps to HMS devices. This app seems to be developed indipendently by a developer going by the nickname of “Skywalker”. If you are interested to know more, read our full article about it here.

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  1. Please upload LightHouse to Media Fire or another sharing service because your link is empty. Yes, even if we change the location to Malaysia! Thanks

    1. Hi there, what device are you using to open the link? Because it leads straight to AppGallery, you might be unable to see it based on whether your device is supported.

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