• Infinix launches Note 40 Series with special MLBB hero packaging.
  • Phone features fast charging, eye comfort display, and smooth graphics.
  • XBOOST rate control ensures smooth gameplay.
  • Infinix extends 2-year Android update support to the entire Note 40 series.

Infinix, a popular tech brand targeting young consumers, is amping up the gaming scene with the launch of its Note 40 series. This new phone series features special packaging showcasing the popular Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) hero, Martis.

Designed for Gamers

Scheduled for release on April 10th, the Note 40 series promises an immersive gaming experience for Infinix fans (XFans) nationwide. The phone boasts advanced features like “all-round fast charge 2.0” and “bypass charging 2.0” for rapid charging and uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, the eye comfort display prioritizes user well-being by reducing eye strain during extended gaming sessions.

Enhanced Gaming Features

The Note 40 series offers several features specifically designed for mobile gamers. XBOOST rate control ensures silky-smooth frame rates, while an active halo responds to in-game prompts, enhancing the gaming experience and adding a touch of flair.

Long-Term Software Support

Building on the success of its previous offering, Infinix is extending its 2-year Android update support to the entire Note 40 series, including both the Note 40 and Note 40 Pro 5G models available in Malaysia. This commitment ensures all users benefit from the latest Android features and security updates.

Those who are interested in getting the NOTE 40 Series, Priced at RM898 for the NOTE 40 and RM1,098 for the NOTE 40 Pro 5G,  can get it through Infinix’s official e-commerce platforms, including  ShopeeLazadaTikTok Shop as well as the authorised dealers.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the new packaging of the NOTE 40 Series that will be announced soon, along with the latest updates from Infinix at Infinix’s official website, Facebook page, Instagram page and  TikTok channel

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