• Infinix Joins Shopee’s $100 Million Club, Celebrates Success with Innovative Tech Offerings and Collaborations. Pledges Ongoing Partnership for Quality Products.

Infinix, the tech brand tailored for the youth, proudly announces its inclusion in Shopee’s $100 Million Milestone Brand Partners Club for 2024. The achievement, acknowledged at Shopee Brands Summit 2024, celebrates Infinix’s outstanding sales revenue exceeding $100 million on the Shopee platform.

Infinix’s Remarkable Achievement and Vision for the Future

Lake Hu, Infinix’s Chief Marketing Officer, expresses pride in joining Shopee’s prestigious club. He attributes this success to the brand’s close collaboration with Shopee and its dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of young consumers. Infinix emphasizes providing cutting-edge technologies at accessible prices, aligning with the lifestyles of its users.

The Significance of Shopee’s $100 Million Milestone Club

Established in 2021, Shopee’s $100 Million Milestone Club rewards companies demonstrating outstanding sales performance in Southeast Asia. Infinix, the sole tech brand inducted this year, stands alongside industry giants like Samsung and Xiaomi, showcasing its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and exceptional achievements.

Factors Driving Infinix’s Success

Infinix attributes its success to delivering high-quality products with an excellent price-to-performance ratio, engaging users effectively, fostering innovation, strategic collaborations, and employing a multifaceted marketing approach. Key products, such as the GT 10 Pro smartphone tailored for gaming enthusiasts and the Zero 30 Series impacting the vlogging industry, reflect Infinix’s dedication to meeting diverse consumer needs.

Future Collaborations and Commitment

Infinix Malaysia, with previous successes on Shopee 11.11 Big Sale 2023, commits to deepening its collaboration with Shopee. The brand aims to provide high-quality products and seamless services, building on its achievements and expanding its user base.

For more details, visit Infinix’s official website.

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