The Huawei Digital and Intelligent APAC Congress, co-organized by Huawei and the ASEAN Foundation, convened in Bangkok, Thailand. Over 2,000 participants, including government officials, academics, partners, and analysts from 15 Asia-Pacific countries, gathered to discuss the implementation of leading digital and intelligent infrastructure, aiming to build a digital and intelligent future for the region.

Asia-Pacific’s Digital Boom: Opportunities and Collaboration

The Asia-Pacific digital economy is flourishing, with countries actively embracing digital development and exploring intelligent solutions. Huawei has played a significant role in this progress, supporting the digital transformation of more than 100,000 enterprise partners across the region. Through continuous technological innovation, Huawei has helped establish a foundation of advanced network and data center infrastructure. Additionally, collaborations like OpenLabs and 5G joint innovation labs address the specific needs of local customers.

Huawei’s Commitment to Regional Progress

Sabrina Meng, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board and CFO of Huawei, delivered a virtual opening speech, highlighting the company’s dedication to the digital transformation journey in Asia-Pacific. She emphasized Huawei’s commitment to continued research and development, with over one trillion Chinese yuan invested in R&D over the past decade. Looking forward, Huawei pledges to collaborate openly with partners, providing technologies like 5.5G, cloud, and digital power to bring the benefits of digital and intelligent solutions to the people of Asia-Pacific, ultimately promoting the integrated development of the digital and real economies.

Key Leaders Advocate for Collaborative Growth

Other prominent figures addressed the Congress, including His Excellency Nararya S. Soeprapto, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, who stressed the importance of a unified approach to digitalization. He emphasized the need for collaboration among governments, the private sector, and stakeholders to strengthen digital connectivity, bridge development gaps, and cultivate digital skills within ASEAN member states.

His Excellency Mr. Prasert Jantararuangtong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand, outlined Thailand’s prioritization of digital and intelligent transformation. He emphasized initiatives like the Cloud First Policy, AI development for Digital ID, and digital human capital development, all aimed at enhancing Thailand’s competitiveness, cybersecurity, and overall digital landscape.

Huawei: A Driving Force in Asia-Pacific’s Digital Future

Leo Chen, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Enterprise Sales, reiterated Asia-Pacific’s pioneering role in the digital and intelligent economy. He underscored the critical role of digital and intelligent infrastructure, encompassing networks, storage, computing, and cloud, in unlocking productivity potential. Huawei, with its comprehensive technological expertise and solutions, stands ready to collaborate with partners to create significant value for customers and spearhead global industrial intelligence, solidifying Asia-Pacific’s position as a leader in digital and intelligent infrastructure.

Building a Digital Future Together

Further solidifying its commitment, Huawei plans to hold four additional conferences following the Congress: the Huawei Network Summit, Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Global Optical Summit, and Huawei Cloud Stack Summit. These events, along with partnership recognition at the Asia-Pacific Partners’ Night, industry solution releases at the Global ISP Summit Asia-Pacific and Global Manufacturing and Large Enterprise Summit, demonstrate Huawei’s dedication to driving digital transformation across the region.

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