The Huawei Band 9 has undergone almost no aesthetic changes. The update is primarily focused on software and functionality, particularly on the TruSleep sleep tracking system and TruSeen fitness tracking system. Since the aesthetic and other functionalities remain largely the same, our review is solely focused on these two functions.

Huawei Band 9

We will touch briefly on the band, as this is the first time we’ve acquired a nylon band from Huawei. In this variant, it features a unique anti-bacterial nylon yarn. Finally, we will attempt to answer whether it is worth upgrading.

For experiences with the Huawei Band 8, you can refer to our review here:

Looks & Build

The body is generally the same as the Huawei Band 8, featuring the same vivid and nifty 1.47-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 368 x 194 pixels. However, what we really want to talk about is the nylon band.

Huawei Band 9

The nylon band is much more comfortable compare to the Fluoroelastomer band with Its lightweight, breathable jacquard weave nature. During our test, we wore this band for a few days while sleeping, and can feel it provided a much better comfort than rubber and leather bands.

Huawei Band 9

Huawei has integrated antibacterial properties into the strap, making it to keep clean from intense sports sessions or general activities.

Sleep Tracking with Huawei Band 9

The Huawei Band 9 is comes with the renewed TruSleep 4.0. This is the first time Huawei has released a major software update for their less advanced wearables, as they usually reserve for the Watch series.

Huawei Band 9

TruSleep 4.0 has renewed its measuring benchmark standard with industry-authoritative sleep quality assessment standards such as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). In short, this will improve the assessment quality and accuracy for sleep tracking.

In addition to using heart rate and lung correlation to determine sleep stages and status, now it also collects blood oxygen rate to map out key metrics like Sleep Latency and Sleep Efficiency. With these metrics, Huawei can provide a more accurate picture for users to understand and navigate their sleeping patterns.

Huawei Band 9

Sleep Breathing Awareness

TruSleep 4.0 also introduces Sleep Breathing Awareness, which detects breathing interruptions to identify early signs of sleep apnea. It collects data based on sleep recording, lung movement, and heartbeats to form a conclusive report to inform users about any symptoms.

Huawei Band 9

0.9 out of 10 people have sleep apnea which is mostly men, Sleep apnea can result in poor sleep quality, sleep disturbances, loud snoring, headaches, brain fog, and other issues.

Despite sounding minor, sleep apnea could increase the risk of developing severe health issues, such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure issues, cardiovascular disease, and in rare cases, death. So, it is important to address sleep apnea issues when detected early. TruSleep 4.0 makes it possible to do so with ease and accuracy.

We wore the Band 9 for a few nights to sleep and checked the details in the morning. Apart from the usual report of sleeping stage and other data, It also alerted me about my high awake time. Along with that it provided suggestions on why this may have happened and how to prevent it. For a simple health band, I do not expect these information to be available, let alone cited from actual academic research.

The Huawei Band 9 may have explained my episodes of waking up in shock.

I’m a loud snorer; in fact, I snore so loudly that I volunteered to sleep in the living room to not disturb my wife’s slumber. It had crossed my mind that my loud snoring could be an indication of a bigger issue. To activate sleep breathing awareness, the user has to enable sleep awareness on the Band 9 and set the paired phone to record sounds during sleep.

While recording, my snoring was detected up to 8 times, with one instance flagged as a moderate risk of interrupting my breathing. This was significant to me, as I recalled being woken up by a sudden jerk of motion and feeling a sense of suffocation, gasping for air.

Fitness Tracking with Huawei Band 9

HUAWEI TruSeen 5.5 represents a significant improvement in accuracy over the TruSeen 5.0. Now equipped with a new PPG optical detection module and multi-channel fusion algorithm, it greatly improves heart rate and blood oxygen accuracy.

Huawei Band 9

The updated TruSeen also enhances the Heart Health Monitor app with Pulse Wave Arrhythmia Analysis for cardiovascular disease monitoring. The new sensor measures changes in blood volume through light absorption and a photodetector at the surface of the skin, capturing vital data on the user’s heart rate, rhythm, and irregular patterns.


Priced only at RM209, the Huawei Band 9 offer improved sensors and better sleep tracking abilities. This device serves as an excellent entry point into Huawei’s wellness ecosystem, it offers advanced sleep tracking features suitable for both active individuals and health trackers.

Huawei Band 9

We wholeheartedly recommend the Huawei Band 9. Its low price entry point, excellent lineage from the Band 8, and advanced sleep tracking features have earned it our prestigious Gold recommendation award.


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Huawei Band 9


Priced only at RM209, the Huawei Band 9 offer improved sensors and better sleep tracking abilities. This device serves as an excellent entry point into Huawei’s wellness ecosystem, it offers advanced sleep tracking features suitable for both active individuals and health trackers.

  • Better sleep tracking with sleep apnea detection
  • Better heart health tracking
  • Compact and beautiful display identical with Band 8
  • -

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