SD cards play a pivotal role in expanding the storage capacity of various devices, from cameras and smartphones to gaming consoles. Selecting the right storage size and speed class is crucial for optimal functionality and user satisfaction. In this guide, we’ll delve into understanding SD card capacities, speed class ratings, and how to make informed decisions.

Understanding SD Card Standards:

SD cards come in various standards, each catering to different storage needs:

SD Card StandardCapacity RangeDescription
SDUp to 2GBStandard capacity, suitable for lower-resolution photos and basic video recording.
SDHC4GB – 32GBHigh Capacity, suitable for HD video recording and higher-resolution photos.
SDXC64GB – 2TBExtended Capacity, designed for 4K video recording and higher-capacity storage needs.
SDUCBeyond 2TBUltra Capacity, designed for future applications with capacities beyond 2TB.

At this time of age the normal SD card is obselite, with SDHC also less pratical nowadays. Modern user would need SDXC card to handle the storage need of modern camera, while SDUC card is reserve for professional use.

Assessing Your Storage Needs

Consider your unique storage needs based on specific scenarios. For example:

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Imagine you’re embarking on a 3-day trip with a Fujifilm XT3, capturing a mix of 500 raw images (about 50MB per image) and recording 120 minutes of 4K video (200Mbps, 24fps). Let’s break down your storage needs:

  • 500 images x 50 MB = 25,000 MB (or 25 GB)
  • 120 minutes x 3GB (average per minute) = 360GB
  • Photos (25GB) + Videos (360GB) = 385GB

Considering this scenario, a 512GB or 1TB SD card would be suitable or multiple 512GB GB cards, ensuring ample storage space for both photos and videos during your 3-day adventure.

Understanding Speed Class Ratings:

SD Card

However, an SD card is not as straightforward as just storage size; its speed class is also a crucial factor.

In a nutshell, speed class is split into three camps: speed class, UHS speed class, and Video speed class. The basic speed class is the foundation of all cards, with the UHS standard boosting higher speed. The Video standard uses a more advanced interface for more speed, better suited for high bitrate video recording. This table inspired by Kingston is a great way of understanding the breakdown of speed class ratings:

Minimum sequential write speedSpeed ClassCorresponding video format
 Speed ClassUHS Speed
Video Speed
Class (new)
8K video4K videoFull HD /
HD video
90MB/sec  V90
60MB/sec  V60
30MB/sec  UHS 3V30
10MB/secClass 10UHS 1V10 
6MB/secClass 6V6 
4MB/secClass 4    
2MB/secClass 2     

Choosing the Right Combination:

SD Card

When selecting an SD card, consider both storage size and speed class. If you’re into photography or casual video recording, a Class 10 or UHS Speed Class U1 card may suffice. However, for professional videography or high-speed applications, consider higher speed class ratings like U3 or Video Speed Classes V30, V60, or even the most advance V90.


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In conclusion, assessing your storage needs based on real-life scenarios ensures that you choose an SD card that aligns with your specific usage patterns. Whether you’re capturing memorable moments or recording high-definition videos during a 3-day adventure, matching your SD card to your device’s capabilities ensures optimal performance and a seamless user experience. Remember, finding the perfect balance between storage capacity and speed class is key to unlocking the full potential of your devices.

Our SD Card recommendation

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SD Card

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