Hisense, a leader in display technology, presented a vision of scenario-driven living and groundbreaking display innovations at the CES 2024 Media Event. The event, attended by 441 global media representatives from nearly 20 countries, emphasized the integration of display technology into daily life.

Advancing Display Technology

David Gold, VP of Hisense International, highlighted Hisense’s continuous efforts to redefine scenarios where screens are vital. Integrating display technology into homes, Hisense aims to offer consumers top-tier home entertainment. Technologies like ULED, ULED X, and laser display enhance picture quality, provide large-screen options, and deliver lifelike visuals, transforming displays into personalized entertainment hubs.

Versatile Entertainment Solutions

Hisense’s display technologies cater to gamers, sports enthusiasts, and movie buffs, creating a versatile entertainment solution that fosters family togetherness. Additionally, Hisense’s B2B display technology finds applications in sports, education, and medical fields, contributing to technological advancements and improving lifestyles and work methods.

Display Product Lineup and Innovations

David VanderWaal and Douglas Kern introduced Hisense’s display product lineup and technological innovations. In 2023, Hisense led the way by integrating Mini LED across its entire premium lineup, setting industry benchmarks in black levels and contrast. The 110 UX, a CES 2024 Innovation Award winner, features over 40,000 backlight zones, unprecedented brightness levels, and extensive color coverage. The U7 and U8 Series offer advanced image processing, while the 75UX, debuting at CES 2024, stands as Hisense’s thinnest Mini-LED TV.

Laser Display Technology

Hisense showcased upcoming laser display technology, including the Dynamic Zone Laser TV and Ultra Slim Laser TV. The Dynamic Zone Laser TV, featuring local dimming technology, provides an ultimate viewing experience with high brightness, contrast, and color gamut. The Ultra Slim Laser TV, the industry’s smallest 4K 88-inch laser, is 70% smaller than previous models. Additional cutting-edge products like rollable Laser TV and smart blending technology highlight Hisense’s commitment to innovation.

Future Commitment

During his keynote, David Gold emphasized Hisense’s commitment to crafting scenarios rather than just building screens. The goal is to integrate display technology seamlessly into everyday life, offering experiences that transcend the screen and become part of the user’s living story. Hisense envisions pushing the boundaries of display technology to provide consumers with immersive, scenario-based experiences in the future.

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