Huawei Cloud Summit Highlights Partner Ecosystem and AI Strategy


  • Huawei Cloud Partner Summit focuses on partner development and AI strategy

  • Focus on big data & AI, hybrid cloud solutions, and partner growth in Asia Pacific

  • New partner programs, AI strategy (Cloud for AI & AI for Cloud), and SMB solutions launched.

Huawei Cloud held its annual APAC Partner Connection Summit in Dongguan, China, emphasizing its commitment to partner success and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). The event, themed “Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service,” brought together over 500 partners from 13 countries.

Gratitude to Partners and Ecosystem Growth

Huawei Cloud acknowledged the significant contributions of its partners, highlighting a 300% increase in the Asia Pacific region for partners exceeding specific revenue milestones. Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Computing Global Marketing and Sales Service Dept, emphasized the company’s commitment to building a secure and compliant global infrastructure (KooVerse) to empower partners and customers.

Huawei Cloud Ecosystem Strategy for 2024

Ken Kang, President of Huawei Cloud Computing Global Ecosystem Dept, outlined key areas for partner development in 2024. These include:

  • A focus on six industries (finance, retail, carrier, healthcare, education, and automobile) for co-creation of over 100 joint solutions.
  • A Digital Transformation and System Integration partner program.
  • Increased manpower support for partners through dedicated Huawei personnel.

Hybrid Cloud and AI Breakthroughs

Huawei Cloud APAC President Zeng Xingyun highlighted the company’s strong performance in the big data & AI markets, with a projected tenfold revenue increase in 2023. He emphasized collaboration with partners on six key products and solutions (Huawei Cloud Stack, Big Data & AI, Media Services, Database, Security, and PaaS).

Partner Sales Acceleration

Nicole Lu, President of Huawei Cloud APAC Sales Partner Development Dept, announced the expansion of the Big Bet Partners Program, targeting partners with million-dollar revenue goals. The program offers increased incentives and preferential access to projects.

Cloud for AI, AI for Cloud

Huawei Cloud’s Chief Product Officer William Fang presented a two-pronged AI strategy:

  • Cloud for AI: ensuring cloud infrastructure effectively supports AI adoption.
  • AI for Cloud: Pangu Models bridging the gap between AI and industry needs with industry-specific models.

New Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Huawei Cloud launched a new product portfolio for SMBs in April, including HECS X Instance (flexible computing), HECS L Instance, HCCE, and HGaussDB.

The summit also marked the launch of the Huawei Cloud AI Services APAC Partner Ecosystem, fostering collaboration in AI solutions.

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