• Innovative Showcase: GIGABYTE Technology presents revolutionary solutions at MWC 2024, emphasizing trailblazing servers, green computing, and advanced edge AI technologies.
  • Versatility in Servers: GIGABYTE introduces a diverse range of servers catering to telecom, cloud service providers, enterprises, and SMBs, promising open and secure digital architectures.
  • Green Computing Focus: The showcase highlights GIGABYTE’s commitment to green computing solutions, addressing excess heat dissipation challenges for reduced power consumption and improved TCO.
  • Edge AI for Self-Driving: GIGABYTE’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and telematics integrate edge AI for real-time decision-making in self-driving technologies.

In a groundbreaking showcase at MWC 2024, GIGABYTE Technology is spotlighting revolutionary enterprise computing solutions, introducing trailblazing servers, green computing innovations, and edge AI technologies. The theme “Future of COMPUTING” underscores a commitment to agile and sustainable IT strategies, promising real-time intelligence across interconnected data centers, cloud, edge, and devices, all driven by the synergies of 5G and AI technologies.

The Supercomputing Marvels Unveiled

GIGABYTE presents the G593-ZX1/ZX2, an AI server featuring the AMD Instinct™ MI300X 8-GPU, a noteworthy addition to GIGABYTE’s flagship AI/HPC server series. Accompanying it are highlighted exhibits like the high-density H223-V10 and the G383-R80 server. The S183-SH0, an all-flash array storage server boasting 32 E1.S NVMe SSDs, stands adjacent, providing hyper-speed data storage ideal for complex AI workloads.

Flexible Edge Platform for the 5G and AI Era

GIGABYTE introduces the E263-S30, a highly adaptable edge server, showcasing the company’s commitment to modular servers that cater to diverse IT scenarios. With a unified chassis, this server accelerates large-scale 5G network deployments, minimizing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Green IT Upgrades in Focus

Addressing the challenge of excess heat dissipation, GIGABYTE presents the A1P0-EB0, a large-scale immersion cooling tank with outstanding server heat dissipation capabilities. The company emphasizes a range of immersion-ready servers supporting both Intel and AMD processors, demonstrating how their green computing solutions reduce power consumption and enhance total cost of ownership (TCO).

Versatile Enterprise Servers with Robust Networking

GIGABYTE showcases a diverse server lineup designed for various sectors, including telecom, cloud service providers, enterprises, and SMBs. Notable servers include the energy-efficient R163-P32 Arm server, the performance-driven R243-EG0 and R143-EG0 for AI workloads, and the SMB-focused R113-C10 and R123-X00.

Edge AI Powers Self-Driving Technologies

Integrating edge technology, AI algorithms, and advanced chips, GIGABYTE’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and telematics bring real-time decision-making to self-driving experiences. Rich I/O interfaces seamlessly integrate with various sensing devices, making intelligent driving decisions under dynamic road conditions.

Visit GIGABYTE’s MWC event page.

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