The ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM is the world’s first 32-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor, and it features a superfast 240 Hz refresh rate and 0.03 (GTG) response time. It takes advantage of QD-OLED technology to provide a peak brightness of 1000 nits, outstanding color performance, a wide gamut, exceptional contrast, and an improved sub-pixel layout for clearer, easily legible text. The PG32UCDM features a superb cooling design including a custom heat sink and graphene material to protect the OLED panel by reducing the risk of burn-in. The Smart KVM switch allows users to control two devices with one keyboard and mouse, without the need for additional hardware or software. Users can use PIP mode with keyboard hotkeys to switch devices by controlling with one keyboard and mouse. Lastly, the PG32UCDM offers rich connectivity options including DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI® 2.1, and USB Type‑C with power delivery. Its estimated on-the-shelf date is around Q1 2024.


The ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM is a 34-inch ultrawide (3440 x 1440), 800R curved OLED gaming monitor offers a 240 Hz refresh rate, 0.03 ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time and includes a custom heatsink to lower operating temperatures and reduce the risk of burn-in. The PG34WCDM has a peak brightness of 1300 nits and is DisplayHDR True Black 400-compliant, while its G-SYNC compatible ensures supersmooth, tear-free visuals with low latency. The built-in Smart KVM allows users to control two devices with a keyboard and mouse, with USB 3.2 connectivity enabling superfast file transfers across two input sources. The PG34WCDM offers extensive connectivity including DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and USB Type-C with 90 W power delivery. This model is expected to be available in Q1 2024.


The ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD monitor is a 49-inch super-ultrawide (5120 x 1440) gaming monitor, featuring an 1800R QD-OLED panel with 144 Hz refresh rate and 0.03 ms response time for immersive gaming experiences. For improved performance and to ensure the longevity of the QD-OLED panel, the PG49WCD includes a custom heatsink and graphene film for better heat dissipation to reduce the risk of burn-in and boost peak brightness up to 1000 nits². The built-in Smart KVM allows users to control two devices with a keyboard and mouse, all without the need for specialized software or additional hardware. Users can even transfer files across between the two input devices via superfast USB 3.2 connectivity. The monitor offers a range of connectivity including a USB Type-C port with 90 W power delivery, DisplayPort 1.4, and HDMI 2.1. The PG49WCD will be available in October 2023 and will retail at US $1499.

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