Professional overclocker HiCookie had overclocked DDR5 memory till 11136 MHz! Besting the previous world record of DDR5-11129 by a small margin!

HiCookie partnered with GIGABYTE, using the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Tachyon and a single 16 GB GIGABYTE AORUS DDR5 memory module to achieve this. The CPU used is an Intel Core i9-13900K with LN2 cooling. HiCookie manage to squeezed out the result that landed him the first place of the current Hwbot’s DDR5 OC ranking now.

With a similar setup, he also topped the Cinebench R23 Multi Core with BenchMate charts with his score of 56148cb, achieved on a Core i9-13900KS. This is significantly higher than the now-second place score of 47301cb.



The Z790 AORUS TACHYON is the pinnacle of overclocking motherboard designed from the ground up by and for overclockers, who are continuously seeking to break unimaginable performance limit. Its specialized VRM design, memory trace layout and built-in overclocking buttons and switches enable overclocking enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of the latest generation Intel Core processor.

Memory Kit

The memory kit used by Hicookie is said to be an unreleased model that’s capable of DDR5-8333 kit, with the part number ARS32G83D5.


Hicookie is a professional overclocker from Taiwan. He is currently ranked the no.1 overclocker for Taiwan in career tanking.

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