When it comes to scams, we definitely don’t want to be at the end of it. Well it seems that there’s a scam going on over one of the most used food delivery services in the form of foodpanda. You would definitely would want to avoid this from happening to you.

foodpanda scam

foodpanda scam Malaysia

What’s the scam exactly? Well it seems that several riders from the service has teamed up with other in creating a syndicate where they trick customers so that they will get the full money that’s meant to be paid towards the store (of your order).

It appears that the scammers have two methods in pulling the act where they would usually aim customers who order a large sum. First and foremost, should you pay by cash on delivery (COD), they will first message the customer that they can’t find the location of your address and you will face a delay in the delivery.

After a awhile, the rider would normally call and say to you that foodpanda has an error in your order and cancelled your order. That being said, they will then say that they will still deliver the order that you’ve made.

Once they’ve arrived to deliver the food to customers, they will then ask the customer to not pick up any call from foodpanda, giving excuses that they would lose their job. This may give the customer a sense of guilt and make them to do what the rider has said. If you’ve selected payment via cash on delivery, the money that you give to the rider would be entering the rider’s pocket directly, which is not the way that it’s supposed to work.

The other scam method that’s going on is for online transactions. If you think that by paying online is safe, well think again. It starts when you’ve ordered your food, the rider will then take the food from the store but then will somehow make the order to be cancelled. The rider will then call you and ask if you still want the food and if you answered yes, they will then say that they will use their own money first to pay for it.

Once the order is delivered to you, they will then ask you to transfer your money to their own bank account. In the end, food stores that’s supposed to earn money from your purchase won’t get a cent and that shouldn’t be happening.

We’ve contacted foodpanda and reported about the matter but it seems that they aren’t taking any serious action against those who are in the act. It’s not nice to see things like this to happen definitely. That being said, we would like state that not all riders are bad where there’s definitely riders out there who earn an honest living. Let’s hope that foodpanda will get to the end of this and solve the issue.

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