Be quiet!, a renowned German manufacturer of premium PC components, has unveiled two cutting-edge air cooling solutions that promise enhanced performance and features. The Dark Rock Pro 5, the successor to the award-winning Dark Rock Pro 4, and the entirely new Dark Rock Elite bring some impressive innovations to enhance the PC cooling landscape.

Dark Rock Elite:

The Dark Rock Elite sets a new standard for air cooling, combining top-notch fan technology with an iconic design. It features seven high-performance heat pipes and two Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans. Users can switch between two cooling modes: Performance Mode with fans running at 2,000 rpm and Quiet Mode at 1,500 rpm for a nearly silent operation.

The Dark Rock Elite’s exclusive high-end features include an innovative front fan mounting rail with adjustable height settings, offering a maximum clearance of 69mm over the second RAM slot. The heatsink provides a comfortable 63.3mm clearance over the first RAM slot and features cut-outs for optimal VRM compatibility.

Its distinctive design incorporates ARGB LEDs on the top cover, and its black coating with ceramic particles ensures efficient heat transfer. The cooler’s detachable top cover allows for easy installation, and it’s compatible with liquid metal thermal paste, backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dark Rock Pro 5:

Building on the success of the Dark Rock Pro 4, the Dark Rock Pro 5 takes cooling performance to new heights. It features seven high-performance heat pipes and two Silent Wings PWM fans for unmatched cooling capacity and virtually silent operation.

The 120mm front fan has a funnel-shaped outlet for optimal air distribution and is height-adjustable for accommodating high RAM modules. The 135mm middle fan is positioned on the top cover for optimal installation. Like the Dark Rock Elite, the Pro 5 has an integrated Speed Switch, offering Quiet Mode for normal applications or Performance Mode for maximum cooling power.

The cooler also boasts a high-grade top cover with a mesh design and a special black coating infused with ceramic particles for enhanced heat transfer. Cut-outs ensure maximum VRM compatibility. The Dark Rock Pro 5 supports liquid metal thermal paste and comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pricing and Availability

Both the Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 are now available for purchase. The Dark Rock Elite has a recommended retail price of $114.90 / €114.90 / £109.99, while the Dark Rock Pro 5 is priced at $99.90 / €99.90 / £99.99. These coolers are designed to provide gamers and professionals with outstanding cooling solutions, ensuring that their systems run at peak performance while maintaining whisper-quiet operation.

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