• ASUS showcases AIoT solutions for smart cities, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.
  • Innovative AI racing simulator demonstrates the potential of AI in various industries.
  • ASUS offers solutions for smart replenishment, customer experience optimization, and AI-powered inspections.
  • AI-powered healthcare solutions assist doctors in accurate diagnosis.

ASUS, a frontrunner in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions, recently made waves at the Intel Tech Tour event. The company showcased a captivating array of AI-powered solutions designed to transform various industry sectors. These advancements hold immense potential to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experiences across smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and smart healthcare.

Partnership Powerhouse:

Collaborating with industry leaders like Intel and ERA Advanced, ASUS unveiled a groundbreaking AI racing simulator. This innovative project transformed a real racecar into a sophisticated training environment with an integrated AI coach. The simulator leveraged the power of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16 gaming laptop (equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor) and the ASUS IoT PE3000G edge AI computer (featuring a 12th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Arc A370M GPU) to run AI workloads locally. This eliminated the need for cloud processing, enabling real-time voice coaching and data analysis from the car and the game itself.

Smart Retail Revolution:

ASUS introduced its Smart Replenishment Solution, a game-changer for supermarkets. Powered by the ASUS IoT PE3000G edge computer and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, this AI-powered system automates restocking processes for perishable goods. This translates to increased operational efficiency, reduced waste, and improved profitability for retailers.

Furthermore, the ASUS OneID IoRT (Internet of Retail Things) Solution integrates seamlessly with ASUS IoRT cloud data and OMO (Online Merge Offline) microservices. This translates to enhanced operational efficiency and a more engaging customer experience through advanced AI capabilities that analyze massive transaction data and provide valuable customer insights.

Manufacturing with AI Muscle:

In the realm of smart manufacturing, ASUS unveiled AISVision. This user-friendly toolkit leverages the power of Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit and applies ASUS AI techniques to computer vision for AI AOI (Area of Interest) inspection. AISVision empowers developers to create custom AI models in minutes, significantly reducing workload and boosting productivity.

Smarter Cities with ASUS AI:

ASUS offers Car and People Flow Analytics, specifically designed for enhanced AI-driven city management. This solution utilizes the robust and fan-less ASUS IoT PE3100G edge AI computer, featuring integrated Intel Arc GPUs, to deliver superior AI inference and image processing capabilities. This makes it ideal for real-time object detection and traffic flow analysis within smart cities.

Another innovative solution is the ASUS IoT ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Edge AI dev kit. This integrates the PE2200U edge computer (powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor) with an optimized ALPR OpenVINO engine, achieving a remarkable 99.9% accuracy rate. This solution simplifies parking management with features like wide-angle skew correction, low-light recognition, and one-to-many recognition capabilities.

AI for Healthcare Advancement:

ASUS also presented EndoAim, an AI-powered endoscopy solution designed to assist doctors in accurate diagnosis. This solution, powered by Intel Core processors and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, boasts a 95% accuracy rate for polyp classification, significantly improving healthcare outcomes. EndoAim can identify various polyp types, including those easily missed by the human eye, and assists doctors in making informed decisions, potentially reducing unnecessary biopsies.


The unveiling of these diverse AIoT solutions by ASUS signifies a significant leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence into various industries. From revolutionizing retail operations to enhancing smart city management and assisting healthcare professionals, ASUS demonstrates how AI has the potential to create a more efficient, productive, and ultimately, better future.

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