ASUS Malaysia, a global technology leader that provides innovative devices, components and solutions covering every need, and International Advertising, Communication and Technology College (IACT College), a prestigious institution of higher learning, are thrilled to announce the signing of a momentous Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) that helps empower its students.

The partnership between ASUS Malaysia and IACT College aims to enhance the learning experience of students in creative fields by integrating state-of-the-art ProArt series displays into their learning journey. As part of this collaboration, ASUS Malaysia will be displaying industry leading ProArt monitors in IACT College’s campus to educate and empower IACT College students in materialising their own artistic visions with unparalleled color accuracy.

On top of that, ASUS Malaysia will also be working closely with IACT College in conducting a series of workshops surrounding subjects related to graphic design, animation, photography, and other creative disciplines which would benefit from the wide color gamut and industry standard color profiles available in the ProArt monitors.

“We are extremely delighted to collaborate with IACT College to showcase our ProArt series displays. Renowned for their exceptional color accuracy and performance, the ProArt series displays will power up the imaginations of the students at IACT College to unleash their creativity.” said Eric Lim, Business Development Manager of ASUS Malaysia Open platform Business Group.

“With Asus ProArt as IACT’s education partner, our students will be have access to the latest technologies and strengthened collaboration with industry experts and professionals. This will give our students a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and practices.” said Timothy Chan, Head of Academics of IACT College.

The signing of the MoA marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership between ASUS Malaysia and IACT College, combining technological expertise and educational excellence to redefine the possibilities in creative education.

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