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The Acer SA272U E shines in color accuracy, making it a great choice for content creators and professionals. The WQHD resolution and 100Hz refresh rate with FreeSync provide a comfortable and smooth viewing experience for work and casual gaming. While the stand adjustability and basic FreeSync version have limitations, the overall value proposition is strong for the price. If you prioritize color accuracy, large screen real estate, and a good balance of productivity and casual gaming features, the Acer SA272U E is definitely worth considering.

  • Excellent color accuracy
  • WQHD resolution for sharp visuals and ample screen space
  • 100Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync for smooth viewing
  • Well-calibrated out of the box
  • Simple and functional OSD menu
  • DP port for HDR10 support
  • Best in this price range
  • Shallow IO ports can cause cable clutter
  • Limited stand adjustability (tilt only)
  • Basic version of AMD FreeSync might not be ideal for HDR content

The Acer SA272U E is a compelling new entrant in the mainstream monitor market. This 27-inch WQHD IPS display boasts features that cater to home and office users, with surprising appeal for casual gamers as well.

Priced at an attractive price point of at the segment of RM600, does the Acer SA272U E has the potential to be the new mainstream monitor for the mess? In this review, we check through the monitor design, features, and performance. Checking it capabilities for give user a pleasant viewing experience.

Be sure to note the distinction between the U version we’re reviewing and the non-U variant, which offers a lower FHD resolution.

Acer SA272U E Overview & performance:


The Acer SA272U E prioritizes simplicity. The large screen features minimal bezels, with only the Acer logo and power icon for company. The matte finish helps reduce smudges and excess reflections.

The monitor boasts a remarkably thin profile on the sides, making it ideal for space-constrained desks. The base expands towards the bottom, housing the control unit and speakers. While the speakers face backward, using them with a wall behind the monitor can create a better sound experience.

Acer includes a 75mm VESA mount provides mounting flexibility, next to it is the the downward-facing IO ports. Acer uses physical button for it OSD navigation, which is places at the far end of the monitor end.  

The IO ports included 2 HDMI 2.0, one unspecified DP port, and an AUX port. This is pretty basic as it come, but the inclusion of DP ensures better display experience.

OSD Menu:

The Acer SA272U E offers eight display modes, including sRGB, Reading, Darkroom, User, Standard, Eco, Graphic, and Movie. The focus on home and office users is evident by the lack of a dedicated gaming mode.

Navigating the OSD menu is straightforward, with settings grouped into clear categories.


Acer SA272U E‘s IPS panel offers 94.7% sRGB color coverage, 68.1% aRGB, and 71.5% DCI-P3. While not exceptional, these values are sufficient for everyday tasks, basic content creation, and casual gaming without significant color distortion.

Impressively, the Delta E*76 comes in at an average of 0.14 with a maximum of 1.18, indicating excellent color accuracy. This makes the monitor suitable for professional design work, photo editing, and other tasks requiring precise color reproduction.

The WQHD resolution provides ample screen real estate. Users can comfortably work with multiple documents side-by-side without feeling cramped. It also excels at media consumption, handling FHD video with room to spare.

Considering Steam data showing FHD and WQHD as the most popular gaming resolutions, the Acer SA272U E is well-suited for these. Additionally, the 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology help combat screen tearing, reduce flicker, and lower latency for a smoother gaming experience.

Acer SA272U E Verdicts:

The Good:

For a 27-inch monitor in this price range, the Acer SA272U E may be offers the best color reproduction. The standard display mode boasts up to 94.7% sRGB color with high accuracy. Combined with the 100Hz refresh rate, HDR10 support, and AMD FreeSync, this feature set rivals some basic gaming monitors.

Another positive aspect is the well-calibrated unit received for review. Out-of-the-box color balance is often an issue with monitors, requiring a color calibrator for adjustments. The Acer SA272U E eliminates this step for many users.

The 75mm VESA mount while is among the smallest VESA standard, it can still withstand 8KG worth of weight, far more than the 3KG the monitor weight of.

The simple OSD gets the job done without unnecessary clutter, offering all the necessary functions for optimal monitor performance. While features like an on-screen crosshair are absent, the refresh rate and FreeSync technology compensate.

We also prefer the button base over touch base control, it is simple and responsive offering tactile feedback for confirmation, lower chance of missed inputs.

We went on a rant about the Nitro QG240Y H3 in not actually meeting the criteria of HDR10 with their HDMI 2.0 port. The good thing is, the Acer SA272U E does come with DP port which support HDR10 standard officially.

The Bad:

The shallow IO ports cause cables to protrude when connected, creating a messy view even with cable ties. This can be visually distracting during extended use.

While not a major drawback, the monitor stand only tilts forward and backward. While the tilting mechanism itself is appreciated, the lack of swivel or height adjustment is a missed opportunity.

We see some limitation with AMD FreeSync. The included version provides basic frame syncing for standard content but may not function flawlessly with HDR content. While FreeSync might still work with HDR enabled, the results are considered unreliable.

The Ugly:

We genuinely have found nothing ugly about the Acer SA272U E.

Acer SA272U E Conclusion:

The Acer SA272U E is a compelling choice for home and office users seeking a best bang for bucks monitor. Its strengths lie in its impressive relatively good sRGB color gamut coverage, WQHD resolution for ample screen space, and 100Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync. The well-calibrated panel out of the box is a bonus, eliminating the need for additional adjustments for many users.

However, the shallow IO ports and limited stand adjustability are minor drawbacks to consider. Additionally, the basic version of AMD FreeSync might not be ideal for users prioritizing HDR content.

Price at the RM600 segment, the Acer SA272U E offers exceptional value for its price point. For users who prioritize color coverage, large screen real estate, and a good balance of productivity and casual gaming features, this monitor is a strong contender.

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