We’ve recently got our hands on the ACEFAST T8 Crystal earbuds. Curious on what exactly it has to offer? Wondering if it’s the product for you? Well let’s not waste any time and get on with the review, shall we?

What Comes With The Box?

From out of the box, you can expect the following items to be included:

  • ACEFAST T8 Crystal
  • USB-C cable
  • Plastic case
  • Manual
  • Extra eartips
  • Strap
  • Product brochure


As you can see, we’ve got our hands on the White version and they’ve implemented a see-through case for the earbuds, a design that’s getting more and more common these days. Regardless, it’s still a cool look. Talking about looks, the case also displays the battery percentage that’s left if you touch the earbuds (when they’re in the case).

The earbuds are attached at both left and right side of the case via magnet. I’ve got to say that the earbuds are strongly attached to it, so you need not worry about them coming off easily in any accident cases. Other than that, the case is pretty standard, with the USB-C port located down below.

They come with 10mm aluminum-magnesium driver that covers the mids and lows, while a 6mm titanium tweeter covers the highs. In addition to that, they come with IPX4 waterproof resistant, so you know there’s a bit of protection offered there.


Straight away out of the case, the earbuds fits naturally in my ears, so I had no issues on that end. If you don’t find them to suit your ears, that’s where the extra ear tips comes in handy.

While I do fancy the look of the earbuds, I’m not exactly a fan of gloss finishes on products, which is exactly the finish that they come in with. What’s the issue with that you might ask? Well for those who have sweaty hands (like me), they can be a little bit slippery when holding. Not to forget, dirt and oils can stick easily on the surface. You can definitely clean them but it’s something worth to take note off.

ACEFAST T8 Crystal Specification

Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.3
Audio Codec:SBC/AAC
Driver:Coaxial double moving coil (10mm+6mm)
Frequency:20Hz – 20kHz
45mAh (around 7 hours)
Charging Case
480mAh (around 30 hours)
Weight:47g (earbuds 11g each)
Protection:IPX4 water resistant

Surprising Audio?

Put to the test in my daily usage, it’s a rather hit or a miss for some people. If you like punchy bass, well the earbuds does a rather good job in offering that. The sound is rather great for today’s pop music and even for watching movies/videos.

That being said, I’d say that when I was listening to songs that I usually listen to (mostly metal/rock), the vocals does get drown out a little bit by the lows of the bass, losing a little bit of detail. It’s also the case when you’re listening to fast guitar solos for an example, you will notice that the detail will be less clear.

The earbuds also comes with a low-latency game mode and I’ve got to say that I had no issues at all. Audio quality fits well when I tried them while playing Call of Duty Mobile, where you can hear footsteps clearly and the sound fits when firing shots at enemies.

Touch Control

  • Lower volume – 1x tap on left earbud
  • Increase volume – 1x tap on right earbud
  • Pause/play – 2x tap (either side)
  • Skip – 3x tap on right earbud
  • Previous track – 3x tap on left earbud

As you can see, the buds comes with pretty straightforward controls that’s easy to understand. One thing that I realised after taking off either side of them is that the music still continues on playing. It’s not exactly a big issue, but it would’ve been nice to have smart detection to get you back to listening to your music without having to miss out on a moment.

Another point that I would have liked for the earbuds to come with is ANC or Active Noise Cancelling feature, even a basic one.

Battery To Last?

We then head over to the battery part of the earbuds. According to the company, the earbuds (plus the case) can last up to 30 hours. In my experience of using them, I find that claim to be true.

I managed to squeeze around 7 hours on the earbuds, which you can then recharge roughly three times. It’s worth noting that I kept the earbuds on 45% volume on my smartphone since the audio is quite loud from the get-go. Overall, I think what’s offered here is definitely more than enough for my usage when I’m travelling around in my day-to-day basis.

Should you get the ACEFAST T8 Crystal?

Officially, the earbuds is priced at RM309 on Shopee. For that price, I slightly find it to be a bit pricey, especially with the lack of ANC and support for codecs such as aptX or LDAC. A software to tweak audio settings would’ve also been nice.

Despite that, they’ve actually messaged us and given us a discount code of 20% off for our readers. Taking into consideration of the discount, it does seem like a more attractive product to get. If you’re interested in using the code, you can key-in ‘ACEFLNEWA‘ when you check-out on Shopee. It’s worth noting that this is non-sponsored and does not benefit us in any way. We’re simply offering the voucher to those who are interested in purchasing the earbuds.

That put aside, the ACEFAST T8 Crystal is definitely a looker and ideal for those who prefer punchy bass quality. The discount code would definitely make the deal more worth it if you’re planning to get it.


Ideal for those who want a flashy looking earbuds while enjoying warm bass quality.

  • Eye catching design
  • Packaging content is enticing
  • Punchy bass ideal for mainstream music and games
  • Limited to SBC/AAC codecs
  • Ability to tweak EQ settings would've been nice
  • The bass can drown out detail

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