In 2023, the gaming culture in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is thriving, and iCafes are at the center of it all. These iCafes, initiated by NVIDIA through the 2023 ROAP iCafe Discovery Program, play a crucial role in delivering an immersive gaming experience to players while enhancing international connections between ROAP (Rest of Asia-Pacific) and China.

NVIDIA’s Rose Luo, Consumer Marketing Director, ROAP, believes that iCafes can prosper by embracing innovation and NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology. iCafes have always been a cornerstone of gaming culture in the APAC region, providing diverse entertainment, the latest games, and outstanding gameplay experiences.

iCafes, short for internet cafes, are a gaming hub in Asia, especially in China. They offer high-end gaming PCs and a wide selection of games. As the world adapts to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, gaming has become more popular than ever, making iCafes increasingly relevant. Many people, new to gaming, found themselves immersed in it during lockdowns.

Moreover, the eSports scene in APAC is booming, with a growing number of eSports viewers and participants. To cater to this expanding demographic, iCafes must provide top-notch experiences.

APAC Market

APAC encompasses diverse markets, including India, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan, each with millions of avid PC gamers. Simon Tan, Director of Consumer Business (APAC South) at NVIDIA, emphasizes that delivering the best experiences and services is key to meeting gamers’ demands.

NVIDIA is pivotal in transforming iCafes. Innovations like DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) use AI to enhance image quality and graphics performance, rivaling home gaming setups. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs with DLSS enable lifelike virtual worlds, ray tracing, ultra-high FPS gaming, and low latency, perfect for eSports.

NVIDIA Reflex reduces latency, crucial in eSports, providing minimal delay, faster reactions, and precise aiming.

2023 ROAP iCafe Discovery Program

The 2023 ROAP iCafe Discovery Program aims to empower iCafes, especially in countries like India, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It focuses on strategies to elevate the iCafe experience:

  1. Evolve Beyond Traditional iCafes: Transform iCafes into “Total Entertainment Cafes” offering various activities beyond gaming.
  2. Promote the Latest Games: Provide access to the newest titles.
  3. Offer the Best Gameplay Experience: Deliver top-tier hardware, comfort, and service.
  4. Host Social Activities: Organize social and eSports events to build a strong gaming community.

With the support of industry leaders like NVIDIA, the iCafe industry is ready to overcome future challenges and provide exceptional gaming experiences in the region.

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