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Xiaomi with multiple companies work together to resolve patents dispute

Patent owners IP Bridge, Orange, Siemens and Xiaomi, a world-leading consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company, today announced an end to long lasting disputes through an innovative patent licensing transaction to enable efficient licensing of patent rights across multiple technologies from the companies to Xiaomi. Novus IP, a company owned by Mr. Paul Lin, the former “Head of IP Strategy” at Xiaomi, worked as a deal facilitator and helped Xiaomi and the three licensors successfully close this licensing transaction in a highly efficient manner.

Dr. Rudolf Freytag, Head of Licensing and Technology Acceleration

“We continue to explore complementary licensing models to the traditional patent pool and bilateral models in order to avoid time consuming disputes and to focus on innovation.” said Ran Xu, General Manager of Global Business Development and IP Strategy, Xiaomi Group. “This unique transaction structure lets Xiaomi customers enjoy the benefits of inventions from 3 companies, efficiently.”  Siemens is a leading technology company focusing on technology with purpose. “For us, protection of innovation by patents is of high importance. We highly welcome this agreement, as it constitutes a mutually very satisfactory solution over litigation and appreciate the solution oriented approach of all parties involved in the deal.” said Dr. Rudolf Freytag, Head of Licensing and Technology Acceleration.

This license with Xiaomi is a recognition of Orange’s strong innovations, fostering an efficient digital transformation thanks to the contribution to open standards leading to the wide adoption of global key technologies to the benefit of consumers. ‘’We had the pleasure to cooperate with Siemens, IP Bridge, and Novus as a facilitator, delivering a fruitful result” said Lyse Brillouet, Vice President Intellectual Property and Licensing at Orange.

Daisuke Honda, Managing Director, Head of License Business Department No. 1 at IP Bridge

IP Bridge has been focusing on promoting technological innovation and cooperation around the world. Granting a patent license to Xiaomi has become one of the important track records of such cooperation. “Thanks to Novus, we could efficiently close this deal with Xiaomi. We highly appreciate the sincere cooperation of Orange and Siemens throughout the deal” said Daisuke Honda, Managing Director, Head of License Business Department No. 1 at IP Bridge.

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