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Ulike Introduces ReGlow LED Face Mask in Bangkok, Thailand.


Ulike, a globally recognized leader in home beauty and body care, has officially expanded its footprint into Southeast Asia. The brand launched its innovative Ulike Air3 Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal Device and Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask at an event in Bangkok, Thailand. The introduction marks a significant step in Ulike’s commitment to redefine the future of beauty in the region.

Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology

Ulike’s General Manager for Southeast Asia, Mr. Leong KM, emphasized the brand’s dedication to introducing cutting-edge and effective devices catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences. The Ulike Air3 and Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask, unveiled during the event, not only pioneer IPL hair removal but also provide a comprehensive solution for facial skincare, addressing a crucial consumer concern.

Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask: A Revolutionary Skincare Solution

Ulike ventures into facial skincare with the Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask, a versatile solution for various skin concerns, including anti-ageing, acne reduction, brightening, skin firming, and rejuvenation. This non-invasive facial treatment ensures remarkable results within 14 days, requiring just 10 minutes of use daily. The Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask’s unique four versatile application modes combine multiple wavelengths of light to address specific skincare needs.

Ulike Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device: Comprehensive Hair Removal

In addition to skincare, Ulike introduces the Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal device, promising easy and permanent hair removal within three weeks of use. Equipped with Ulike’s patented Sapphire Ice-cooling Technology, this device is gentle on sensitive areas and adaptable for head-to-toe treatment with adjustable power levels.

Davika Hoorne: Ulike’s New Regional Brand Ambassador


The launch event saw the unveiling of Ulike’s new Regional Brand Ambassador, Davika Hoorne, a prominent Thai actress and model. Ulike expressed confidence in Davika’s alignment with their vision, describing her as a captivating beauty icon whose dedication and values resonate with the brand.

Ulike 3.3 Promo in Malaysia

Following the Southeast Asia expansion, Ulike offers exclusive promotions for Malaysian consumers on Shopee from March 3 to March 5. The Ulike Air3 and Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask will be available at special prices with additional gifts, including a limited edition gift set and platform vouchers.

The exclusive Ulike Carnival gift set for the ‘Buy One Free Seven’ promo will include a free set of

  1. Ulike Ultrasonic Waterproof Electric Toothbrush
  2. Ulike Aloe Vera Gel for hair removal device
  3. Massage pillow
  4. Goggles
  5. Razor
  6. Body lotion
  7. Face Tissue

For further updates, news and other information, please follow Ulike Malaysia’s official Instagram page.

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