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Moondrop Chu 2 Short Review: Miracle earphone

Moondrop Chu 2

Moving from one legendary chi-fi to another, I tough nothing is gonna surprise me after trying out the CCA CRA and boy am I wrong. One level higher at the price platform (RM88), the Moondrop Chu 2 is well known in the chi-fi field being a solid performer. Now is our chance to experience how well the Chu 2 perform.  

Moondrop Chu 2 Audio quality


Starting with the bass, the Moondrop Chu 2 provides an impressive and distinct audio experience. The bass is exceptionally well-contained, offering a full, powerful, and solid sounding.

The sub-bass is notably present, delivering a satisfying rumble with good texture and a well-executed attack that feels just right, not too much, not too little. In the realm of earphones in this price range, the Chu 2 stands out with what can be genuinely described as the best bass experience.


Moving to the midrange, it maintains a natural and balanced sound, although it tends to be occasionally overshadowed by other frequencies. While nothing extraordinary, the midrange contributes to an overall harmonious audio profile.


Transitioning to the treble, the earphone displays a decent amount of detail with a dash of sparkle.
However, there is no sign of over power result in sibilance issues.

Sound stage

The sound stage on the Chu 2 is similar to a controlled controlled environment, atmospheric and precise. It is highly suitable to listen to music intended for up close experience, i had a lot of fun listening to Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole.

Moondrop Chu 2 Design & Comfortability:

In terms of design and comfort, the Moondrop Chu 2 impresses with its comfort fit. Despite feeling slightly weighty in hand, the Chu 2 boasts a compact and durable case alloy cavity fit design.

Its smaller-than-usual earbud size, though heavier than most, fits snugly into the ear’s cavity, providing passive noise isolation.

This design not only ensures a comfortable wearing experience but also maintains stability, making it suitable for extended listening sessions. The earphone excels not only in audio quality but also in delivering a comfortable and stable fit for an immersive listening experience.

Moondrop Chu 2 Conclusion: A miracle

The Moondrop Chu 2 undeniably earns its title as a miracle earphone, delivering an outstanding audio experience that surpasses expectations. Priced at RM88 in Malaysia, it stands out as not only an affordable option but quite possibly the best sounding earphone in its class.

The praise it has received as the ideal starting point for one’s audio journey is well-founded, with its remarkable audio quality setting a new standard for earphones in this price range.

The Chu 2’s audio prowess, characterized by well-contained, powerful, and textured bass, a natural and balanced midrange, and a detailed and sparkling treble, makes it a standout performer.

Its controlled and precise sound stage further enhances the overall listening experience, creating a room-like atmosphere that adds a personal touch to audio. Whether for seasoned audiophiles or those just embarking on their audio journey, the Moondrop Chu 2 emerges as a true gem, offering an exceptional combination of affordability and remarkable audio quality that places it at the forefront of the earphone market.

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