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Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition Review

Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition 3600MHz is a high-performance RAM designed for gamers and enthusiasts. Not only does it boast a unique RGB lighting system that provides a stylish and eye-catching aesthetic to your gaming setup, it even comes in white!

Priced at RM326 in a kit of 2x8GB, the Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition is quite affordable. But how is the kit performing? Will we recommend it for purchase?

Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition Hardware:


The RGB lighting system is customizable through Kingston CTRL software, allowing users to match the RAM with the rest of the RGB setup. The lighting system is bright, vibrant, and adds a touch of style to your gaming setup. It supported Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Asrock’s RGB protocol.

Infrared Sync is a unique RGB feature in which, as the name implies, the memory kit uses infrared to sync up the RGB colours so that they display in sync, displaying the light pattern in harmony. 


The kit has a sleek white aluminium heat spreader below the RGB lining. It provides extra heat dissipation and ensures stability, this is particularly helpful in overclocking this RAM kit as it uses Hynix chipsets. It is well known that Hynix chipsets love voltage, so perhaps extra cooling can provide more stability for the RAM.


The Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition utilised Hynix D-Die, or DJR. Known to be an improved version of the CJR die, some people find it comparable to the Samsung B-die, while others argue otherwise. None the less, we’re thrilled to see a good die being used on this ram. One thing to note is that the kit is a single-rank setup, which gives it some advantage in overclocking compared to a dual-rank system.

Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition Performance:

Benchmark setup

CPURyzen 5 5600G
RAM4 x Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 3200 8GB CL17-21-21 1.35V XMP
MotherboardAorus X570S Master
StorageKingston NV2 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2
CoolerAMD Wraith Spire
PSUCooler Master 750 W TUF Edition
CasingBykski B-CE-X
Operating SystemWindows 11 64Bit
BiosF4 / AGESA V2

No XMP Profile

DDR4-2400 CL17-17-17 @ 1.2V

XMP Profile 1

DDR4-3600 CL18-22-22 @ 1.35V

XMP Profile 3

DDR4-3000 CL16-18-18 @ 1.35V

The performance of the kit is outstanding. At XMP profile 1, it is able to achieve 52589 MB/s read speed, 53587 MB/s write speed, and 49869 MB/s in copy, with only 71.2 nanoseconds of latency. At this profile, users enjoy about a 5% performance increase based on PCMark 10.

Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition Conclusion

As far as we’re concerned, the Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition is outstanding. Not only does it have a slick aesthetic element, but its matte white heatsink really highlights its elegant looks. We tested the RGB effect on the Aorus X570S Master with Kingston FURY CTRL and it worked perfectly fine.

Performance-wise, the kit performance great at 3600 MHz. It is also handy that Kingston also offers a second XMP profile at 3200 MHz. The performance of the second profile actually keeps up with the faster profile 1. This demonstrates the potential for overclocking, which we unfortunately cannot explore in this review. But none the less, with the XMP profiles alone, the Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition would give users great performance right out of the box.

We strongly recommend that people looking for DDR4 RAM take a look at the Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition, which is available for only RM326 in a kit of 2x8GB. Its price-to-performance value ratio provided users with good bang for their buck, and the beautiful aesthetic was really the icing on the cake.

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