Getting a taste of Gimbal

Three years ago, I held the position of manager at a prestigious local tech media company. In addition to overseeing the team, I also assumed the role of the main videographer. My primary setup comprised a Sony Alpha 7iii paired with a DJI Ronin SC, a combination that consistently delivered exceptional videos. The Ronin SC’s exceptional stabilizing capabilities complemented the camera’s impressive dynamic range, resulting in numerous high-quality videos.

Converting into smartphone production

However, as I started own independent tech review site last year, I no longer used professional camera to produce my content due to budget constrain. Instead, i use a Huawei Mate 50 Pro smartphone to shoot all my work. To my surprise, Huawei Mate 50 Pro alone produce good video quality. And after using ProTake video recording app, it produces video with such dynamic range way beyond my expectation.

Smartphone gimbal is not the same.

However, I do miss the DJI Ronin SC + Sony Alpha 7 III combo, the gimbal introduces so much cinematic motion in the video it enhanced the video story telling. I tried to recreate similar motion with smartphone gimbal, but I soon realise smartphone gimbal and camera gimbal can operate quite differently.

Like camera gimbal, smartphone gimbal requires a companion app to function fully, advance function like balance fine tuning, A-B motion tracking, object tracking, and other are only achievable with the companion app.

Sacrificing video quality for stability

But unlike camera gimbal, smartphone gimbal requires the user to user the companion app to record video too, the video recorded by these app have terrible quality and dynamic range, resulted in video that look fuzzy and flat. This problem is prominent in Android due to no unify standard of camera sensor on this platform, forcing app developer to use lower standard video to ensure compatibility.

I find out these after going through some smartphone’s gimbals (mostly DJI), and wanting to retain the best possible video quality, I finally decided not to use any gimbal and waited until a gimbal that can overcome video quality came out or until I save enough till I can afford a camera.

Unknown brand with big claims

Hohem iSteady MT2

All this change however after I notice a gimble from an unfamiliar brand advertise a function call Ai tracking. Having witnessed the terms Ai toss around like a generic marketing gimmick, I half-heartly check out the gimbal and was quite surprised by it. The Hohem iSteady M6 is a smartphone gimbal that while have all the basic function of gimbaling, but what stands out is its capability of functioning without the need companion app.

Hohem iSteady MT2

Function like A-B tracking is done with dedicated button placed on the gimbal, user can set up point anchor easily and activate it without the companion app. The OLED display made it possible for user to switch between the 5-gimbal mode, while also made it possible for user finetune the gimble balancing without needing a companion app. The gimbal also includes a multipurpose wheel, which were use either to control the roll motion or focus control.

Hohem iSteady MT2

The highlight of the gimbal though is the unique Ai Tracking module. The standalone module approves the gimble with direct feedback on subject tracking without the needs of companion app. This come across as a major surprise to me, not only that to that all suppose tracking function is done through a companion app, with a standalone module means it I mean I would be able to continue to ProTake video recording app to record video while the gimbal tracks the subject.

It gets better.

It is at this point; I am quite motivated to get the Hohem iSteady M6. But while I was looking for the best deal in town, Hohem have launch a new model, Hohem iSteady MT2, which is the M6 on steroid.

Supporting camera, smartphone, compact camera, and action came, the MT2 sport a redesigned arm to accommodate these devices. However generally the MT2 looks the same with the M6 on surface, it houses a significant more powerful motor, raising the payload capacity from 400g to 1.2kg. The extended weight also allows the gimbal to accommodate accessories or even a small, rigged camera.

With the consideration of I would eventually get a camera, MT2 seem to be a significantly more attractive package. Even the pricing premium is reasonable with only a mere 99 USD over the M6, is a small price to pay for all the upgrades, and so I made the order.

Testing the Hohem iSteady MT2

So, when the gimbal start putting it to use, it immediately put it to use and after familiarizing myself with it. As smartphone recording is the core of my production, we will be focusing our attention on pairing the gimbal with smartphones. Here are some of the highlight from my experience so far.

Operations without companion app

Hohem iSteady MT2

Usually, a gimbal would have an extremely cut down functionality without a companion app, however the MT2 and M6 are unique among of smartphone gimbal due of its capability to operate as a gimbal without a companion app.

Agile respond and movement

I notice is the superior responsiveness compared to previous gimbal I tried. While still present, the delay between moving the joystick until the movement of the gimbal arm.

M6 & MT2 secret sauce: Ai Tracking

Unique to Hohem iSteady MT2 and M6, the Ai tracking function, specifically the facial tracking is fully functional without the companion app. The Ai tracking will be turn on with pointing an okay sign towards the module, and the gimbal will track the user.

The tracking range is significantly impressive, as not only it tracks the user’s movement, it also capable of seek and resume to tracking once user goes back into frame.

Auto balancing

With the OLED screen, user can conduct auto balancing without the need of companion app. This is rare as usually to balance a gimbal user must navigate through layers of menu to balance it. From the same menu, user can also fine tune the speed of rotating here.


Stability test will be added later

MT2 Failed me on the first job

After thinking that I have familiar myself with the MT2, I brought it to an international brands office for a simple product shot and I would say I had done my best to get the best out of the MT2. But when I was trying to do an inception shot with the MT2, the rotation jammed, stop halfway, and ultimately abandoned the operation display and Error 3 (Balancing Error).

After few more attempt but with no avail, I end up having to give up on the inception shot and move on to shot other scenes. At that point I was genuinely disappointed with the MT2 as I thought I done enough research and poking around to avoid such easy to spot issue, yet I have not seemed similar complaints anywhere online.

Rule of thumb of all gimbals, balance it.

When I return from the shooting and finally have time to consult the manual, I finally figure it out. I made the mistake of putting it straight to work without balancing the gimbal manually but relying completely on the auto balancing function.

Similar like camera-based gimbal, the MT2 not only require balancing on the X and Y axis, but also on the Z too. I skipped this step as I was only looking at the MT2 as a smartphone gimbal forgetting that it is in facts a multi-platform gimbal.

Once I calibrate the axis according, the gimbal can performance inception model accordingly. I am also impressed by the fact that the gimbal with balance and without balance felt the same, which goes to shows how powerful its balancing algorithm is. I have experience gimbal while having powerful motor, would become sluggish due to an imbalance camera.

Hohem iSteady MT2 Conclusion: The only gimbal Android user should get.

My journey with the Hohem iSteady MT2 gimbal has been marked by transformation, unveiling unexpected insights and valuable lessons. From my familiar camera-based setup to my exploration of smartphone filmmaking, I’ve come to appreciate the nuances of filmmaking tools and the importance of adaptability and preparation.

The MT2’s advanced features, AI Tracking module, and independent functionality have not only elevated my video production but also reshaped my filmmaking approach. As I continue crafting captivating content, I carry with me the knowledge that true transformation arises from embracing change and mastering the tools that drive our creative pursuits.

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Hohem iSteady MT2


The MT2's advanced features, AI Tracking module, and independent functionality have not only elevated my video production but also reshaped my filmmaking approach.

  • Highly operational without companion app
  • Multi platform support
  • Ai-Tracking

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