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Guide to picking the perfect travel charger

Traveling is probably what I am looking forward to most right now. But, with the amount of technology we carry today and the different charging protocols between brands and generations, we are often forced to carry more than one charger just to ensure that all our devices can be effectively charged.

With COVID regulations slowly being lifted, the race to travel is on, and choosing the perfect charging device will help keep your load down and make your travel lighter. Throughout this guide, we’ll examine what makes a perfect travel charger.

Compact and portable:

It is not desirable to have a charger as large as a literal brick while traveling or anything that requires a separate power cable. It drastically increases the weight and take up precious space in your luggage. You would tentatively want something as small as the size of your palm for ease of packing and carrying.

Multiple plug heads available:

Different countries have different power plug designs, and we’ve all had the experience of our own plug not fitting into a wall outlet at our destination.

An ideal travel charger would have a universal plug head. While that’s not possible, the next most ideal thing is a charger with an interchangeable plug.

Compatible with country specific voltages:

Most countries have different voltage standards ranging from 110V to 240V. It is worth mentioning that while most chargers today feature built-in voltage switching to support both 110V and 240V, it’s better to double check to avoid unwanted surprises like tripping the power breaker, or worse, an explosion.

On top of that, when choosing a travel charger, keep an eye out for features such as overcurrent or overvoltage protection. With these options, you won’t have to worry about waking up in a burning hotel room.

Which travel charger do we recommend?

Many chargers are available on the market right now and many of them are great, but we’re looking for something that meets the criteria outlined above. After some searching, we came across the Ugreen GaN X 65W GaN Fast Charger.

One of the first things that caught our attention was the inclusion of multiple plug heads. Ugreen GaN X 65w GaN Fast Charger includes 3 plug heads, namely US, European, and Asian. These plug heads will provide convenience while travelling in most of Asia, America, and many European countries.

The chargers are also equipped with smart power distribution technology, which detects input current and switches between different voltages and frequencies. This protects the user’s device from over or undercurrent. Similarly, the Ugreen GaN X 65W GaN Fast Charger can deliver up to 3.25A 65W on the Type-C port, and 5A 22.5W on the-Type A port.

Additionally, the charger complies with FCC, Canada IC, CE, and UKCA standards. It gives users extra assurance about the safety of the device since it’s not just a generic charger found in stores.

It supports multiple fast charging protocols including Power Direct (PD), Quick Charge, and FCP FastCharge Protocol and other. Refer to the list below for full list of charging protocols supported.

USB Type CPD 3.0, PPS, QC4+(QC4.0/3.0), FCP, AFC, Apple 5V 2.4A, BC1.2
USB ASCP, QC3.0, FCP, AFC, Apple 5V 2.4A, BC1.2

Additionally, the overall size of this charger fits in an adult male’s palm, without including the plug. With the included carrying pouch, the traveler can neatly pack this travel charger in any luggage bag.

Help us!

So here you go, our guide for choosing the perfect travel charger. If you agree with us about the Ugreen GaN X 65W GaN Fast Charger and want to pick one up, do consider purchasing via the link below. Is affiliate link that doesn’t cost you any extra, but will be great help to keep our lights on here at HelloExpress.

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