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Be quiet! Zero Wings AI: AI-controlled smart fan

Be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, announces their first AI-supported fan: Zero Wings AI. The fan is equipped with state-of-the-art AI technology, which can manage and improve cooling for high performance systems independently. On top of that, Zero Wings AI are based on a new wingless design and utilize the revolutionary Controlled Airflow Technology (CAT), to actively route the air where it is needed most. The whole process is controlled by the be quiet! artificial intelligence FANOS, which is monitoring all thermal sensors of the system and predicts user behavior to manage the entire airflow and improve thermals. Zero Wings AI can be installed on regular 120mm fan slots and support voice control.


The Zero Wings AI are controlled by FANOS, be quiet!’s proprietary AI, which is trained to identify hot spots in a PC system and direct cool air for optimal cooling at any time. FANOS is creating a virtual live heatmap of the computer, using data gathered from thermal sensors of the system but from a behavioral analysis of the user’s habits. This heatmap is utilized to predict which components might create hotspots in the near future and actively pre-cool the respective areas to prevent thermal bottlenecks before they even show up. FANOS is voice-activated and can give you a summary of your system health or give recommendations on the best cooling setup. It can also interface with apps for system diagnostic, to help with trouble shooting or monitoring.

Controlled Airflow Technology

The revolutionary CAT is be quiet!’s own development and removes the need of fan blades from the Zero Wings AI. Controlled by FANOS, CAT can direct the airflow in any direction depending on the needs. The technology can not only switch fluently between focused or broad distribution of air, it can also direct air into specific directions, like: up, down, left or right. If the GPU is in a heavy load scenario and thermals are ramping up, the Zero Wing AI can form a focused stream to push air into this specific region. If a broader stream of air is required to gently cool a wider area the fan can adapt to this a well. Multiple Zero Wings AI can be combined with the “Swarm” option which can actively take over the entire airflow in a PC case. Zero Wings AI is void of any moving parts like blades or bearings, preventing any wear and tear; the maximum performance is equivalent to a 120mm fan at 8,500 rpm, making Zero Wings AI a true quiet and smart powerhouse.

Zero Wings AI will be available in retail as of this Saturday, April 1st, 2023.

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