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ASUS’ Largest APAC Partner Summit Celebrates Strength and Collaboration

ASUS, the number one consumer and gaming laptop brand in Asia Pacific, held its largest ever Partner Summit with more than 550 distributors and business partners in attendance. The theme of the summit, ‘Innovate to Elevate,’ was designed to build new collaborations and further strengthen existing partnerships.

At the summit, ASUS revealed its aggressive goal to maintain its dominance in 2023 and reinforced its successful 2022. The company aims to leverage the strengths and abilities of partners from different corners of the ecosystem to move forward strategically in 2023. ASUS plans to achieve a 30% and 40% target market share in consumer and gaming laptops, respectively, in Asia Pacific by 2023.

ASUS believes in empowering its business partners and defining the strategic roadmap ahead for mutually beneficial results. To ensure absolute success, ASUS aims to invest further in digital transformation and improve its product information delivery mechanism to the end-user continuously.

Despite a tough 2022 that saw the overall consumer laptop market in Asia Pacific shrink by 6%, ASUS grew 11% for the year and ended up with a strong 20.7% share, according to Microsoft. This made ASUS the number one consumer laptop brand in the region for 2022. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) also celebrated a successful 2022, retaining its position as the leading gaming brand in Asia Pacific for four consecutive years.

ASUS’ commercial systems posted excellent growth of 24% for 2022, despite a global shrinking of the market by 5%. Contributing to this was a strong commercial Windows activation growth of 70% for 2022.

ASUS is also the leading OLED laptop brand for 2022 globally, with a 64% market share and a 49% share in Asia Pacific, ranking #1 in Malaysia, and in the world. ASUS OLED displays are found in all its key consumer and creator series, including Studiobook, Zenbook, and Vivobook. ASUS’ OLED laptops are a key component of its growth strategy in the region as it asserts its leading position as a pioneering OLED laptop maker by educating users of the key performance and health benefits of the technology.

Peter Chang, General Manager of ASUS Asia Pacific, said, “The ‘Innovate to Elevate’ summit reflects our commitment to collaboratively drive innovation and deliver new value to our customers and partners. We are confident that by working together with leading vendors like Intel and Microsoft, attracting even more customers with our innovative new products; and improving their experience with us from sales to aftersales, we can achieve our ambitious goals and maintain our leadership in the Asia Pacific Laptop market.”

In conclusion, ASUS is determined to maintain its dominance in the Asia Pacific laptop market and has laid out an ambitious plan to achieve this together with its partners. The company’s success in 2022 despite the challenging market conditions is a testament to its resilience and commitment to innovation. By collaborating with partners and investing in digital transformation, ASUS is well-positioned to continue its success in 2023 and beyond.

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